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morbidan(7a)July 18, 2011

I've got a yucca plant that's a little over a year old and it started to show signs of disease. I've recently repotted it and inspected the roots for rot. They looked and felt normal so I don't think it's rot. I don't know much about this plant other than it doesn't like to be over watered and it likes a lot of indirect light. So it's in our office next to a sunny window and we water it every 2-3 weeks. Pictures are attached at the link below. Any insight is appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yucca plant pics

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No, Yucca are a full-sun genus. Gradually introduce it to full sun and I'd suspect half your problems will vanish into thin air in several months or so.

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Interesting, so should I move it outside? Is it winter hardy? I'm in zone 7a. Thanks for the info.

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Morbidan, yes, your Yucca should be moved outside for summer. Start off by placing in semi-shade, gradually setting in brighter sun.

Since it's been indoors, if placed in full sun its leaves will scorch. Been there, done that.

Although your Yucca, which I believe is elephantipes, is hardy from zone 9 and up, this Yucca can stay outdoors until temps drop to 40F. Toni

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Many yuccas are winter-hardy - I've got a few here in the ground and we'll get to -10/-15F in the winter. As Toni said, gradually acclimate it to full sun.

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Thanks for your replies. I was kind of excited to finally have a plant in the office but I guess I'll have to get something else and move the yucca to my porch.

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Cactus, there are many Yuccas that grow outdoors, year round..I have two in my front garden, bought at an IL garden center. They're hardy from z4 and up.

I adore Yucca rostrata..bought a couple at either Plant Delight or Yucca Do. 'several years ago.'
I should have waited for these two little guys to mature, because that winter they froze and died..even though the nursery stated they were hardy from z5, when in actuality, they will survive z6 and up. What a disappointment!
The common Yucca grown in Il is Yucca filamentosa or flaccida. Too common. Plain, medium green leaves..height is 3-4' tall. Its flower stalk can grow 8' or taller, but after 5', unless staked, tends to lean.

I believe M's Yucca is less hardy. I'm unsure of its species.

M, where did you purchase your Yucca? Was it a garden center where they sell outdoor (local) garden plants or nursery green house that deals in tropical and succulent house plants?

Either way, Yucca's will survive cold temps, although if left out when temps are below freezing, the leaves will discolor, 'frost bite.' Good luck, Toni

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I believe my husband brought this yucca home a few years ago from Walmart. I was at home depot the other day and noticed they had these displayed inside with all the other indoor and tropical plants. I went ahead and moved it outside and we'll see if it shows signs of recovery.

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M, then your Yucca should be brought indoors during extreme cold. 40F is the minimum.

Since it's the end of July, the sun is harsh. Although Yuccas thrive in direct sun, place in medium light, then gradually move to a brighter location every couple days until your Yucca is in direct light.

Although Yuccas are succulents, when you water, water thoroughly. Test soil by inserting your finger or a stick deep within the soil. If the stick comes out wet, wait a few days and retest. Continue testing until the stick comes out clean. 'Like baking a cake.'
When you're sure the soil is dry, it's time for another drink.

Yuccas don't need much fertilizer...once a month during growing season, with an All-Purpose fertilizer will do.

Does the brown spot feel soft? Toni

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Hello, i have a Yucca but becouse i gaved to much water it start to lose leaves. Is winter sow pls tell me how i can save it!!! Pls i need help!!

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Do leaves yellow or brown before they die?

What does, 'In winter sow pls tell me,' mean? :)

If your positive you over-watered, it's best to repot in a well-draining soil. Rotted parts should be removed.


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