wandering jew - is this normal??

squidy(8a)July 29, 2011

I got a wandering jew a couple months ago and right when I got it I saw one of the vines had died, like right where it hung over the edge of the pot. The distal end of the vine was still alive but the vine at that one point had shriveled up and seemed limp and stringy. Sooo I picked that vine off and stuck the alive part in water and it stayed alive. But now I'm seeing.. all the vines are like that. All of them look healthy, with perky leaves on them, and where the leaves attache the vine is plump and normal, but most of them seem to be dead and shriveled and barely attached where they come over the side of the pot. I just messed with the plant now and one broke off, and like 6 more broke off while I was trying to stick the first one back in the soil. (In the hopes that it will just root there.) Finally I got all the broken pieces stuck into the soil. So I guess I'll see if that turns out okay. But yeah.. is this how this plant is supposed to be? Are those vines really okay, even though they seem dead? Because the plant doesn't seem to mind. It looks pretty good. I am confused.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I periodically prune my Wandering Jew, and then root all the cuttings in the same pot.
Some of those old stems will grow new leaves, too, which will make for a nice, full plant.


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