Got some new plants!!!

pumpkineater2July 21, 2013

Bought these at home depot today. Got a Pachira (how do you pronounce that?) Also got a small croton, a sansiveria And an african violet . home depot's african violets were very sad. They were all bone dry I got the best one that they had and even it didn't look the best but i trimmed off some of the bad leaves. I don't really know how to take care of pachiras or Crotons so can anyone tell me what I need to know to keep these things alive?

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different angle.

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Think of it as if it were spelled "patch - ear - ah" with a slight accent on the "ear". It's a little beauty, like to see a close-up of the trunk, looks like they have already done a twist of trunks from a multi-planting? A great shape to treat almost as a bonsai. But it will need good light and regular water if you are going to keep it in a small pot.
The croton also likes bright light to keep that colour, but should not be over-watered.
The african violet should have a very free-draining mixture, best watered with tepid water and allow to run thru the mixture and then drain. Try to only water the soil not the leaves as they tend to a bit of fungus/rot. Also bright light in order to induce flowering, frequent light applications of fertilizer with an emphasis on pottasium which will promote flowers. The sanseveria is as tough as old boots, don't overwater that one. Water when the soil is dryish but don't allow to sit in water. Again, the best light you provide will keep the variegation nice and bright. Good purchase, hope they do well for you.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Most American pronunciation guides say that the proper pronunciation is

Pak EYE ra.

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Nice find !!!

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Pumpkin..Very nice plants. Isn't it exciting going plant shopping??? :)

Are you keeping your new plants in containers?

Crotons are a tad difficult, 'for me anyway,' indoors.

Crotons are hardy in GA, 'don't know GA's zone.'
While we were down south, a tall palm and Crotons surrounding the palm were in back of the hotel.

Since you're in z9, most likely, Crotons will survive growing in-ground year round.

Your African Violet doesn't look bad at all. Is there a tag w/flower color/type?

Love your Sans..Pachira is nice, too.

Good luck growing. Toni

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Hi Toni,
Yes, It is very exiting to go plant shopping! I wanted to buy every single plant there! They had some monsterous zz plants there and also a smaller zz there too. I regret not buying it now but oh well. I keep all my plants in containers indoors because I don't think any of of my plants would survive the Phoenix summers exept maybe the croton like you mentioned. I'll have to put it out and see how it does.
My african violet doesn't have a tag on it at all so I'll just have to wait and see. I really really really hope that it does not have pink flowers. I hate pink. I'm hoping that it has the classic purple flowers. fingers crossed.

I have been wanting a sans ever since I got into houseplants a year ago. Finally got one! As for the pachira, I sure hope I can keep that alive. I'm in love with it already! No doubt I will put it outside in spring and fall when Phoenix weather is like paradise.



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Thanks alisonoz,
here is a pic of the trunks for you.
Yes the trunks are twisted together. I tried to find just a single plant with a straight trunk but all they had was this. I still love it anyway. I think I will just call it money tree from now on. It sounds nicer:) I will repot it eventually but There aren't very many roots in the pot right now. As for the croton, Pachira, And sans, They were all soggy when I got them so They will not be watered for a while. The AV on the other hand was bone dry. I repotted it into miracle grow AV potting mix. All the plants had kind of a dark first day because it was cloudy and rainy today. Thank you very much for the advice as I have never grown any of these plants before :)



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