sheets of copper - any ideas ?

mommyandme2January 20, 2012

I've been given approx. 20 sheets of copper, measuring about 8 x 11, and several smaller pieces. They are all embossed to some degree & need to be pounded out, as soon as we can find the rubber mallet. In the meanwhile, I'm looking for some simple ideas. I suppose I can make flowers, similar to those I make with aluminum. Any other ideas ? - Laura

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

What a fun thing to be given. You could leave the embossing for some things (depending on what it is I guess). Bird house roofs; cut shapes: leaves, suns, moons, flowers (I love copper suns).
Here is a website all about using copper with lots of ideas. Althought they sell the stuff, still lots of good posts. I googled copper art and found it. Now I'm really jealous!

Here is a link that might be useful: Metal art

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OH!! I 'm jealous, too. I am needing some for my current project. Anything you do will be georgous. Please let us see what you decide to do! Enjoy Jlily

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I did those copper stars, that was fun!(Free shroom post)

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Here when we find it we use as birdhouse roofs ...I couldn't find the butterfly house pic w/it but I found this birdhouse altho this was 'tin' ...if copper's not thick enough, we build one w/wood first, then attach copper w/tiny the patina changes! Have fun! Jeanne S.

Or for decorative (I cut these out) on birdhouses like these stars & copper wire:

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Oooh! What I could do with sheets of copper! Little cups for a rain chain. Sepals for garden lights and flowers made with glass shades. Jewelry. Shapes for wind chime flappers. Birdhouse and bird feeder roofs. Garden sculptures (cut out shapes, hammer out to make them hollow, rivet pieces together or solder). I'd like to make a couple of frogs. Butterflies. Mobiles. Ideas unlimited!


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Marlene Kindred

Well, let's address is:.......:-D

Lucky you! Copper is great for roofs, fins, stars, and on and on!

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beatrice_outdoors(6a MA)

Lucky you! You can do a lot with 20 pieces. I love the rain chain idea. Anything from a simple bowl to flowers to square cups would be beautiful.

Maybe try lanterns with punched hole designs?

Fashion pieces into leaves or bowls and turn them into a fountain so the water drops from one leaf to the next to the next.

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