Any thing I should save off my old washing machine?

concretenprimroses(4B NH)January 22, 2012

New washer arriving Tuesday. Should I save anything from my dead one? (front loader)

I thought I saw something cool made out of the drum once. I'm a little worried about keeping stuff for more future projects, but i can't resist asking!


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If it were my washing machine, I would go searching for the copper wire in the motor. I've stripped fan motors many times. Maybe you should just take the whole thing apart & see what pieces inspire you. My 17 yr old grndsn LOVES to take things apart. Do you have a kid or 2 to help you ? - Laura

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Beware that if you take it apart, they may not haul the old one away for you.

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I've seen the 'drums' used as planters ...would last a very very long time, I would think ...cause either stainless or enameled. Enjoy your new washer! Jeanne S.

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Not garden junk but...I kept the lid from my top loader & bought a couple magnetic alphabets for the wee g-kids to practice their letters with. The older one used it as a dry erase board to practice writing.

Now that the kids have moved cross country I've hung it on my potting bench & tied a dry-erase marker to it through on of the screw holes. I use it to remind me of all those garden chores & projects I keep forgetting (or putting off?)

I also use it sketch out new bed layouts & use heavy-duty magnets to attach my seed packets from the previous year below each sketch when it gets close to planting time so I know at a glance what I have and what I need to purchase.

Ha! Just goes to show, ANYthing can be repurposed for the garden.

bless ya's

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

No kids to help unfortunately! I thought about the drum as a planter, but since it is a front loader the holes would be on the sides of the planter not the bottom. I'll ask my dh about the copper wire. He took it partly apart to see if he could fix it. Its a shame but repairing (cost of repairman's time figuring it out) would but at least half the cost of the new machine with no guarantees. I hate to waste, but at least metal is recycled here.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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You think like I do -- never throw anything away before stripping it ! Is the metal on the sides too thick to cut out ? (I'm thinking future metal flowers ) Other than that - the wire is what I'd go for .

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I think you should send the whole thing to Tinfoilhat & see what he does with it.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Haha! If only I could!
I'm sure he'd love to get a dead washing machine all the way from New Hampshire.

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you won't recognize these names unless you read Texas Gardening forum, but Roselee, on the advice of Honeybunny, bought five washer drums for planters in her yard. I think I could find some pictures for you, if you'd like. Even though there are holes in the side, they are pretty small. I don't think she's had any issues with them. But if you'd like, you could always line it with some screening. They look really cool and I'm hoping I can find some myself ! Definitely keep the inside drum ! And take the rest to a recycle place. Should get you about $20 !

email me directly if you'd like to see some pictures of these already planted in Roselee's yard. Be happy to show you !


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The barrel, with its small holes, makes a pretty fire pit mounted off the ground. I've stood around one a time or two swapping tall tales.

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Should get you about $20 !

I guess we live in different parts of the country. Where I am, it would cost me $150 to dispose of it at my local landfill. And since I can't lift it myself, nor fit it in my SUV, it would cost me $200 to get some guys to haul it there.

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True story, a guy wanted to get rid of a refrigerator, put it in his driveway with a sign saying FREE, no takers,, put a sign on it saying 50$ and someone stole it that night.... give it a try Pixie :)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

We had the old one taken away when the new one arrived by the same people - prepaid cost of $10. I didn't get the drum unfortunately tho I thought about it. I wish I'd seen the planters before it got taken away, but I've been so sick I just couldn't deal with it. (terrible cold, worse in more than a decade!)
Here we can recycle metal for free at the dump which is what i do on my own. No paying places in town tho we did bring a bunch of aluminium siding to one in a nearby town once.


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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

I used washer and dryer drums for planters. Even though they may have holes on the sides about half way down, it never bothered my plants. I have one washer sitting outside that I need to get the bin out of, and my husband's grandmother got a new set today, so we are replacing ours with her old set, and I will be getting the bins out of my old set.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Old washer, dryer refrigerators, just about any appliance is gold here. People advertise on the radio they will pick up your appliances for *free*.. then they take to recycle place and get money for them. Recycling is really big here in Tenn.

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katkerri(NC mountains)

the agitator makes a nice plant stand part:)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Oh I love that agitator plant stand! I wish I was better at taking things apart.
Mine was a front loader tho.

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By all means take it apart. That is the secret to so many of my creations.

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