spark plug bugs

mommyandme2January 26, 2012

These were made from old spark plugs tossed in the grass by the yard maintenance men.

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Very cute bugs. Thank you for sharing.


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Those are cuties!!! I can imagine them hanging in and around small bushes. Very creative. Guess I'll have to scavenge my husbands side of the shed!! Thanks for sharing.

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I think the bugs are adorable. I love how they look like they have tongues sticking out.

I'm amazed at the "trash" you find. Thinking of your cable snakes. Where I live, the landscape men would be out of business so fast if they threw the old spark plugs in the lawn. The cable guys would never dream of throwing old cables on the side of the road. People around here would consider it littering, and it would not be tolerated. Is that the "norm" in other parts of the country?

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Pixie Lou: apparently it's the norm here. Not that CT, where I come from, doesn't have plenty of litter, but here in TX the variety of litter is astounding! I only pick up the interesting stuff; the rest stays where it gets dropped. By the way, not even 5 minutes after I posted those 2 bugs, I picked up another spark plug !
The anti-litter campaign here is "Don't Mess with Texas!", but as far as I can tell, no one cares.
If you like the spark plug bugs & the cable snakes, just wait. I'll be posting more "litter" soon. I'm still catching up on finished projects that I haven't posted. Most of these bugs will hang from my tree, once I get it up. - Laura

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We lived in Mission, TX
In the 1960's.
Back then, the Rio Grande Valley
Was one of the most beautiful places
I had ever seen!

A real slice of Heaven on earth.

It is so sad that things have changed so much.
We stopped going back about 10 or so years ago.
Mainly for the reason you stated.
"No one cares".

But not all of Texas is like that.
Here, we don't have the natural beauty the RGV has,
We have more of a semi-arid climate
Instead of the lush tropical climate down there.

Littering is not allowed here.
And that law is enforced.

Thanks for sharing your bugs,
They are really cute!


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