nursery schefflera

fun-giJuly 9, 2011

I posted this in the trees forum, but it was suggested that I post here instead. So...

I found this schefflera at my local nursery a week or so ago, and when I got to the counter it was even half off. I like these trees, and love the curves in this one. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it for sure, be it bonsai later on (after the trunk grows out more), or just a really cool big tree.

It was root bound, and taking up about half or less of its 10" pot so I root pruned a couple of inches off the bottom to get some of the roots free, and potted it back in its original pot. I also anchored it in place until it can hold itself up.

So I thought I would post this because I really like this tree, and would like to get others opinions of it. What would you all do with it or would you have bought it in the first place, etc.?

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Oh the poor thing. I bet it was thankful you rescued it.
Its been neglected and growing in low light.
I would cut it back and cut all the leaves off etc and cut the main stem into pieces and root them.
I've never seen one grow roots like that and that far up the main branch.
Search this forum for schefflera and you should find recent threads and lots of advice and good pics and advice by A1 aka Tapla to help you cut it back.

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I actually have another schefflera that was left to me by a previous tenant of my apartments a few years ago. Once I got it healthy I decided to grow it as a root over rock bonsai. It will be in its pot for about a year more, but I did just take about 7 cuttings and I am air-layering one branch.

So with this new tree I was contemplating giving it as much sun as I can on my patio (which is mostly full sun from late morning until about 6:00 or 7:00pm), following a good fertilizing regimen, and watering when it needs it. I would like to see what it becomes (without trunk pruning), and what size the leaves are when it is getting plenty of light. My other Scheff's leaves are much smaller.

If it does continue to grow taller and the trunk thickens, it would be awesome, and I may still cut it back later for a tropical bonsai.

The high aerial roots are interesting. I've been spraying them a little extra when I spray my plants, and they seem to be greening up a bit. Quick question, a few of them have dried up tips. Will they still grow out? Also, I have been thinking about letting the high aerial roots drop into a second pot of soil. If I do and they thicken up and live, how will that impact the growth of the trunk above and below them?


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In your part of the country or actually almost anywhere it will fry in the afternoon sun. The leaves will burn and turn almost white. You should let it adapt to more sun each week starting with just an hour or so or more time if filtered sunlight.
The dried tips should come back with newer growth.
I suppose you could let the air roots grow into a new pot.
Then once it gets establish you could cut it off and repot it and it could grow upright then.

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