bringing plants in and out ??

roksee(Benicia SF Bay Area)July 23, 2014

Hello... I bought a money tree plant several months ago...I was having trouble with it and Josh helped me get it healthy again.... but after a while it was again not looking so great. Finally when spring came I put it outside . I have a little alcove outside my front door that is outside but gets a lot of protection. And also does not get a lot of sun/ although some in the middle of the day....The money tree is healthier than I have EVER seen it... it is soooo happy there that now I'm worried about what I should do when Fall comes and Winter.... can anyone help with suggestions?

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I grow my money tree outdoors for most of the year. Then, when Autumn arrives and the temperature begins to get colder than 50ðF at night, I'll bring it back indoors. When it warms back up over 50ðF the next day, I'll move it back outdoors each day. This both extends the season for it being outdoors, and helps transition my money tree back to living indoors again. Then, when the days are just too cold, I keep it indoors and in front of a South-facing window, so it can receive the brightest light possible. Just make sure to rotate your plant too, so all sides of it get plenty of light. Towards the end of Winter, I still lose a few leaves, but it's nothing to worry about. Finally, when Spring arrives, I begin moving it back outdoors during the daytime, when it has warmed back up over 50ðF again. This helps transition it back outdoors and get an early jump on the growing season.

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roksee(Benicia SF Bay Area)

thank you tommy

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