Plant ID Please

jane__ny(9-10)July 25, 2010

Not sure what this is, put it outside and it got quite sunburned. Would appreciate any info on this plant.



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I believe its part of the sansevieria family, mine does not like direct sun. I would put it in the shade or partial sun. Hope that helps

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It's definitely a Sansevieria (snake plant, mother-in-law's tongue). Looks to me like moonglow, but could be one of the silver varieties. They don't like direct sun and are often found growing in the shade of trees or taller shrubs in their native Africa.
They are known as pot busters because when they get full like yours is, they will crack the pot they are in. I would suggest repotting into a pot one to two sizes up. They do like to be crowded, however, so it is up to your whether to "thin the herd" or not. You could get a couple of nicely filled pots by doing so.
It looks very healthy, BTW.

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Thanks, I thought it was but it stays very short. I've seen them very tall, but this one is so small I thought it might be something else.

Nancy, this is the third 'pot-up.' I repotted last month because it was growing out of the pot. I have moved it to various light conditions and it has grown in shade and full sun. Obviously, it got quite burned in full sun. I moved it to more shade.

Thanks for the advice,

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Rather than potting up, you could divide the plant. They take to that procedure very well; you could readily get three or more divisions from that one plant.

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Well, all I can say is that you grow one heck of a plant! :)


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Jane,

Another NYer here. If you don't already know this, Sans. can come in many different varieties. Some taller, some shorter, different color variations, schemes, etc.

They're also known to bust out of the bottom of their pots when they run out of room.

Tho' it's a pretty slow moving place, there IS a Sans. Forum here at GW, w/ some good info to be had.

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Thanks all! Its funny that I've had this plant for so long and it has been so neglected. I didn't think it was a sans because it was so short, although it looked sort of like one.

I grow orchids and a few tropical house plants but never this. It came to me in a small 4inch pot but was growing out of it. I repotted last year in just Miracle Grow (don't yell) and it outgrew that pot. Did this same this summer, but stuck it out on the deck and the leaves got burned. But its putting out a lot of growth. I grow it very dry.

I thought these were slow growers?

Thanks again,

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