Question about Ficus elastica leaves

GarthBabylonica(7)July 22, 2014

Doing my semi-weekly scale patrol on my Ficus I discovered spots around the base of the leaf, on the underside of the petiole. This has appeared on multiple leaves, and at first I thought the semi moist (to the touch when disturbed) and maybe a little sticky might have been some form of egg mass for something I'd not yet seem?

On closer inspection the spot (and there is only one per leave on the petiole underside) the spot wipes away and leaves a brighter green spot.

I tried inspecting with the web-microscope (cheesy Celestron I can't hate enough) to see if the weird spots contain individual eggs within it?

Or if they are some sort of petiole nectary I've not seen on a houseplant before (I beginning to suspect this option)?

See the attached picture. Has anyone else seen this? Ive not found much about it on the web.


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