Flowering Scheffleras?

JazzyJuliebean(5)July 28, 2012

I'm curious - has anybody ever had a potted schefflera flower indoors? I had a 30 year old or so schefflera while I was growing up and never saw her flower, and my current one isn't flowering either (but that's definitely normal, since she's just a baby).

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Are we talking the tree sized Scheffleras (S. actinophylla) or the smaller S. arboricola?
No to the former, yes to the smaller. Flowers were small beads, smaller than beebees. Plant was not that old, maybe 10 yrs.

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I'm guessing that the older one is an actinophylla, but I'm really not sure about the current one. Her leaves look like an arboricola, but she looks like she's going to grow very treelike. I'll put a picture up soon, I need to take a better one.

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I've seen them bloom, even in nurseries, but most don't get enough light indoors.

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