Too late to start broccoli from seed?

hnycrk(8a)September 7, 2012

Hello all I live in zone 8 Georgia and would like to start the following by seed. Broccoli, Collards, Spinach, & Cabbage. I know I'm off to a late start but were still hitting upper 80 low 90 for daytime highs. Will I be ok starting all this from seed or should I buy transplants?

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Spinach can be direct seeded. Broccoli, cabbage and collards will need transplants. From seed they need to started in July, first of August at the latest.

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yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.

Farmerdill - Last year you gave me advice to plant the broccoli transplants by labor day. I panted them on Labor Day this year. But I also tried to sow seeds starting in August. Four plants each week for four weeks. They survived but they did not do very well in the heat of August. Is there a particular variety that is better suited to the heat in Georgia. I am gardening in Brooks, Ga. About 25 miles south of the Atlanta Airport.

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Variety is very important for spring planting, less so for fall planting although I use short season types both times. I start the plants in July, in trays set in shade. I have a wooded area and retention pond in back so I have some nice damp shade. They do fine, but they cant take soil in the direct sun in summer. This year I have Castle Dome, but I have had good luck in the past with Blue Wind Coronado Crown, Early Dividend, Barbados, Packman etc.

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So what would happen if i did start them from seed? Not get enough growth before frost and croak?? I mean we have been having some really warm temps lately so figured the cooler the better? yolos I'm 50 miles south of atl so were really close. Last year I had great luck with broccoli but don't remember the name. I started those as transplants late last sept.

Heres mine from last year...wish I knew the variety.

Put out for a while.

The type I'm wanting to start is preium crop hybrid.

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If I lived in 8, I would be starting the overwintering red broc that Territorial has. It's hardier than other broccoli and is supposed to hold its fire and yield heavily in spring. It didn't survive winter here, wish it had!

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They will normally survive Georgia winters, but bolt at a very small size seed heads in late February. You need them to head up in November- December. Which is why transplants from September 1 to October 1 are desirable.

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