please help!!! my prayer plant is dying

gilacticJuly 29, 2010

hi i have a parayer plant that my boyfriend looked after while i was away! when i got back the plant was drooping so much tht 2 big leaves snapped off!! it did have water in the dish it was sitting on im wondering if tht was the problem?

the leaves are curling and the stems are yellow ish, and the soil is moist so its not from under water,the stems have gone soft too

here are some pictures tht might help

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It's hard to tell without seeing a better picture of the soil but my guess would be to much water since there was water in the dish it was sitting in. Others will have better advice for you. She's a beauty by the way :>)

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It looks to me that it doesn't have enough water. The soil looks pretty dry to me. The other thing that it might need is transplanted. They don't like to be root bound. Other then that it just needs some tlc.

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Pull it out of the pot and check the roots. If brown, soft and mushy its rot from probably too much water.
If white and firm then roots are good.
The soil looks to be too heavy and a lot of peat.
Once peat gets dry its difficult to soften again. Water will not be absorb and run right thru to bottom.
I also think it just needs some tlc.
Yellow leaves are a symptom of over and underwatered, but usually under they will be drier and crispy. I don't see any yellow leaf tips.
Yellow stems IMO indicate something is wrong with roots or soil etc.

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thanks every one :) she is looking much better today :) i took her out of the dish and cut of the damaged leaves and she has perked up today :) never leaving her with him again lol

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