Delivered by an Angel. Can you guess what it is?

adaorand(UpstateNY)July 8, 2014

Recently I picked up an EA spider plant "Bonnie" at a local big box store and hung in the kitchen window. A couple of days later I noticed movement on the floor underneath.
It's 1 1/2 inches long, brown patterned color, bright black eyes, cute little toes, large-ish head, quite lively and now has me going to the pet store.

Okay, okay. A baby Anole lizard. I understand it isn't unusual to find these little hitchhikers in plants from EA. And I was happy with just two cats.........

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I guess he needed a new home, show us pictures, glad you got to it before you cats did...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

That's cool! Hopefully 'Asleepinthegarden' will come by soon. He keeps these in some really cold state - MN? They run around wild here, and I can never get enough of seeing them, the babies are so cute! They like to lay eggs in pots, so I never put chemicals on plants while they are outside (or at all, but especially then.) Yours may be a new hatchling. I'd love to see a pic if you're able to share one. Sounds like this little guy or gal got lucky ending up at your house.

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Sorry I'm late!

...feeding hatchlings can be difficult,but if you put a banana peel of some kind of fruit outside long enough to get a culture of fruit flies going,hopefully your little critter will eat them. What are you keeping it in? I would advise setting up a terrarium with some live plants in it. The leading cause of death is dehydration,and they drink droplets off of leaves typically. If the fruit flies are too much trouble call around your local pet stores and see if they have pin-head crickets.

a little while back,I had my male out of the enclosure and the sneak went up my arm to my shoulder and then up on top of my head...then he someplace I didn't see. I searched and searched,but couldn't find him.
A week and a half to two weeks later he turned up after I'd thought for sure that he'd be a crispy critter...and he was pretty close to it. He's back in good health now that he's re-hydrated and fed,so that's a load off my mind to say the least!
Sad part is that after he'd been missing for so long,I'd purchased a new male to keep my female company,and you can't keep two males in the same tank,so my new guy is alone in a different enclosure now(poor fella).

Before his great escape,the first male got frisky with the female so in due time I may have some hatchlings of my own!

Edited to say HI to Purp.


Mn is right.
I sent you an email recently and I'm not sure if you got it or not. Hit me up when you get a chance!

Thanks chick! :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Romance is in the air!

Sorry, I don't think I've looked at email since last last month, oops!

Hope your tiny new 'family member' is doing well, Adaorand!

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OMG, I would have a seizure lol

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry Averil -- what part of seizures is funny?

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It's okay, pirate girl :-) He didnt actually mean he would have a seizure. From what I gather, he was using the word to best describe his reaction to a particular situation, and drawing attention to the fact that his reaction would be comical. He didnt actually say 'seizures are funny'. BUT, if he did, he might have a hard time describing to you what he found funny about them. A person's sense of humor does not always make logical sense. For instance, I asked my son why farts are funny. He replied that he does not know.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Thanks Lauraeli, It's not OK, I knew what he meant, I don't need an interpreter thanks. All the same I'd appreciate it if you'd pls. let HIM answer & speak for himself so I can hear what HE meant.

Can you see we've hit a nerve here?

(Pardon me for not seeing the joke here; I guess you've never seen a seizure either, so you'll have to pls. excuse me for thinking the comment both tasteless & unfunny.)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The description (of the critter) misses the mark for an anole. I wonder if the hitch hiker is a gecko?

EA needs to be informed about this, by the way. They could get into a great deal of trouble with shipping practices that allow the accidental transport of this little guy to places where he shouldn't be.

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Nonsense, pirate girl. Ive seen a seizure before. That doesn't cause me to take offense when someone uses the word out of context.

But if he feels it important to justify his words, I'm sure he will, given time.

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