Tapestry Vine, Cissus Discolor

scsva(7/VA)July 6, 2011

Hi all,

I would like to hear from growers of the above plant. Contributors on the web say it is an easy plant but I don't believe that to be the case.

Can you tell me your experience with growing yours?



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Hi Susan. Which 'contributors said C. discolor is easy, if you don't mind me asking?

I've had a couple over the years.
From 1-5, 1 being the easiest 5 being the most difficult, C. discolor gets a 3.

IMO, if one can grow Begonias, 'indoors,' one can grow Cissus discolor.

They're beautiful plants, very nice colors. The last discolor lived about 3 years, but I take blame for its demise..soil dried way too much.

Are you thinking about buying one? Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Susan,

I'm sure you realize 'easy' is quite a relative term. One needs to take that w/ a grain of salt & do one's own reading (which it sounds like you've been doing) & then draw one's own conclusions.


AVs are said to be easy: well, I can grow them pretty well & propagate them great, but can't bloom 'em if my life depended on it. The AVs I propagated have then gone on to glorious bloom w/ my sister, go figure (am guessing she's got light conditions more to their satisfaction).

Pothos too are said to be indestructible, yet there are folks who appear from time to time claiming they can't grow them at all; kill them often from overwatering.

Sansevierias are also said to be near impossible to kill (except by overwatering). Tho' my Sans. collection gets larger every month, I've killed a few from underwatering.

So it just goes to show just how relative that term is: what's easy for some is near impossible for others & vice versa. I wouldn't look for hard & fast rules on this.

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Believe me I know from actual experience. I did get one from Pepper's Greenhouse in Delaware and would like to keep it for a while:))))).

The last one I had was from Logees. It stayed alive but did not grow at the office. Once I took it home, it went straight into demise.

They are beautiful plants so hopefully I can enjoy this one for a while. I have seen huge baskets of them at a rare plants garden center in Northern Virginia hanging clear to the floor. I have also seen them at that same place in the marked down area but didn't buy one.

Toni: The people I was talking about when you google a plant species and then read all the articles about that plant.

Thanks all,

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Karen you're 100% right. Indestructable plants, Sans, Cactus, Pothos, blah blah...who makes these rules? lol

Susan, maybe I shouldn't say this, but I am NO Logee's customer. I used to shop at their nursery regularly, back when plants were shipped in 4" pots, not 2.5", and even though prices were a little higher, (pre-internet days) they had plants not sold here. Quality comes first..

I love Accents. His plants are healthy and prices can't be beat.

With proper care you should be able to keep your C. discolor alive.
Have you receieved your plant yet? Get any other goodies? lol.

They do well in bright, in-direct summer sun. Leaves are thin; harsh sun will fry them.

In our local conservatory, C. discolors are grown directly in soil, as groundcovers..Nearby, large plants/trees prevent strong rays. The soil is always moist. 'Soil shouldn't stay constantly moist in a pot.'
Because soil is so damp, Fungus Gnats fly around the Cissus, even though they spray.

Have you ever seen the dates on some of the articles? lol. 2004/5/6..Toni

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So far I've completed about 4 orders this season, most of the hoyas he has, begonias, peps and various others. I think I'm finished with orders from him-got all that I really wanted. LOL!! All are great plants!


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well Toni,

I guess this is what makes a horse race. I ordered from Accents a summer or 2 ago, 4 or 5 hoyas, 2 were mis-identified, 1 crashed shortly after arrival & the only one still alive a year (or was it 2 yrs. ago already) is a tiny little Hoya that was mis-IDed. I think it's H davicummingi, or that's was it was wrongly IDed as.

They even had some bogus name (I think they invented it) for a Hoya lacunosa which I originally referred to as a speckled lacunosa when I found it in NYC severla yrs. ago (before EA started calling them things like Ruby Sue & Royal Flush). They called it Hoya indonesia, never acclimated to my home.

I would NOT buy their plants again & as for Hoyas (since I know you've got the bug) I hope to order from Cowboyflowerman, both a private vendor & also on Ebay, great reputation, solid plants, good prices & virtually all excellent feedback & word of mouth.

Nothing personal Toni, ;>)

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Susan..Did you get every Hoya he has? lol...you're finished ordering, RIGHT!! :) j/k.

I say the same, then, either someone discusses a plant, a pic is posted, or while searching for one, another, 'I JUST HAVE TO HAVE, is sought.

Besides Accents, Ebay is addicting, and many many beautiful greens are for sale. If you seriously don't want to add more plants, stay away from Ebay. lol

Karen, sorry about your Accent plants. Did you notify Accents?

Accents usually has two names printed on the pot..Common, then in small lettering, above the common name, is its Botanical name.

Except for a few Begonias, I always find the common names by Googling.

Cowboyflowerman has decent plants, too. I've bought several plants from him the last 4-5, maybe longer years..Including Hoyas. Come to think of it, my all green Sweetheart/Heart Leaf (Kerri) and reversed color H. Kerri, may be misspelled, came from Cowboy. The green was purchased many years ago, from his site, prior to him selling on Ebay.

Throughout purchases, I've only had order problem, but I didn't leave neg feedback. It was a mistake, no biggie..the Philo sent was nice, too..just not the plant I wanted..

So, you're right again..I guess this is what makes a horse race..:) Toni

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I'm kinda recollecting the hoyas. His hoyas do not have their proper names but I'm just a hobbyist and am not interested in selling so the names do not bother me. I also prefer the foliage to their blooms so I guess that makes me really odd.

I can remember ordering thru Ebay years ago for Accent's plants and sometimes I would get a worthwhile plant, sometimes not. This year I have been mostly satisfied. A couple were very tiny but will live. All in all, good transactions.

Since I'm recollecting hoyas, I have tried to tell myself to stick with the EA plants but I have not exactly kept that promise to myself.

I have a lot of Cowboyflowerman's hoyas and will continue to order from him if he gets new varieties.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hey I got one of these yesterday. There's a grower's tag in the pot that says Cissus discolor, but on the outside, and verbally I was told "rex Begonia vine." It's taped to a stick, but google pics make me think it would be better as a hanging, dangling plant. What do you prefer?

I also had to untangle it from 2 nearby plants. Looks like it might be another "invasive house plant."

How are people's plants doing? Looks like this discussion has some age, hopefully the plants previously discussed now do too!

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