B. luxurians seeds

woebegoniaJuly 10, 2011

Some of you suggested growing B. luxurians from seeds, it was a good idea, I ordered from Australia, put the seeds down, germination started on the sixth day, the speed really surprised me. Semps ( and radishes) are pretty fast but I have seldom had species this fast, they must be very fresh.

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Hey Woe..Ah, now I get it..Congrats. How tall are the seedlings, and have they produced 'true' leaves yet?

Because of other projects, I haven't had a chance to sow B. luxurian, palm or Hot Pepper seeds.

How many seeds were in the packet? Since we ordered from the same seller in Australia, I wondered if he was generous.
I didn't want to open the pack until they'd be sown. Toni

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