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oldcrafty(8)January 31, 2013

I am finally getting around to doing something with these 2 pieces I got junking. The base was originally used to hold a gazing ball and had many coats of paint before I cleaned it up and painted it, it alone stands 28" tall. The top is a light fixture, that measures 21" across, that I fell in love with, but cannot find a place in my house for. I've had it about a year and one day when moving it to another place to store it, it came in close contact with the unpainted at that time base and a light bulb upstairs went off! Put the the two together to make a BIG mushroom! My question, before I complete putting it together is are there any suggestions out there on a base color. As the base can be easily repainted. I attempted to make it look like the top of the fixture, but now looking at it not quite sure that was the right thing to do. I am all ears for opinions! By the way my plans are to actually somehow make it lighted. Weatherproofing it is my big concern as I will be placing it outdoors, One thought was to put a lamp fixture in it, but then didn't know how safe that would be so then considered just wrapping a string of Christmas lights under to hopefully just give it a soft glow. Any thoughts on lighting would be appreciated also.

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Maybe a solid color base with gems glued on in dragonfly shapes ?

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I'd find out if that is a Tiffany shade you are playing with. $44,000 is whole lot of money to be putting in mushroom. Description in book is not for same one as yours so could be a knockoff or the real thing. The "Dragonfly is 20 1/4 in .diameter leaded glass conical shade with lower border in lavender,purple,royal blue & grey rippled dragonflies with overlapping wings & red eyes, against striated shaded royal blue to emerald green & deep ochre & amber ground, further set with amber & orcre "jewels". Tiffany did make same shades in different colors I think so if whole lamp was worth that the shade is main reason why. Get in good light & look for signature around edge of that thing probably inside & look at the top metal closely. I'm not sure if all Tiffany was marked or not but this sure is close copy if that is what it is & may be worth a lot. Don't mess with it without finding out. Tiffany or L Tiffany Studios or even LCT for Louis Comfort Tiffany Jan

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

What sunnyca said. Even if it is a copy, that is an exquisite piece.

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beatrice_outdoors(6a MA)

I have that same lampshade in blues, greens, and pinks. The dragonflies are pink with blue jewel eyes. We re-strung it and added a chain to make it a hanging lamp over the table on our deck at our seasonal campsite. I never thought it could be a Tiffany, but will look when we get there this spring.

I think they are too delicate to put outside and suffer the elements, so would not recommend it, but the base color you have now as a mushroom looks great to me. I love your idea of lighting it up (base and shade together would look awesome), and would suggest trying to keep it inside and doing exactly that.

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Love the piece with the base color like it is.
But if it is 'real' WOW on the price.
Check that out!

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Leave it. Perfect.

It's only money.
we're talking Garden Joy here. lol

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

I like the base as is I would not put a piece like that in the weather. On a sheltered porch or a sun room, but not directly exposed to the elements. It's really beautiful. I think if you did much more to the base it would detract from the beautiful top. Making a lamp out of it would be pretty simple but I wouldn't do that if it's going into the outdoors.

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That shade is GORGEOUS!! I agree it shouldn't go outdoors except maybe in a covered area. As for the base, I would pick up one of the more subtle colors in the shade...one of the tans or light rust color. But that's just my opinion. I think it would make the bright colors in the shade stand out. Whatever you do, it's a great mushroom.

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Any opinions on sealing the stained glass portion?

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lori3(Zone 6 KY)

I am with laurastheme above on the color. A tan or light rust color. You want the shade (after you make sure its not valuable) to stand out and not the base so much. I am also with the others on a covered porch or something to shelter it. The sun would probably bleach some of the colors out and that would be a shame. Not sure how heavy that base is but you also might consider some rocks or something in the very bottom to weight it down.- just my opinion :-) At any rate, it is GORGEOUS! Be sure to let us know how it all ends!

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Since it's put together with copper foil, it will fall apart in the weather. You shouldn't have to seal it since the glass won't fade. Sealer might seep under the foil and cause the foil to let go of the glass faster. It's beautiful though!:)

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I've been out of pocket-So, I am glad to get in on this one. Not that I have any worldy things to add to the others. BUT it is absolutely georgous!! Thank you for sharing. JLily

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It's beautiful! I think this one used to be sold at JC Penney's ...or at least something very similiar! I agree w/many here...it needs some protection ... so a covered area ...is there room to put a 'globe solar light' under the shade & see if enough sunlight shines thru the shade to still let the solar light work??? It would make a great hanging chandie like beatrice did. Whatever, you will have fun! I would also darken up the bottom piece if you painting it. Jeanne S.

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Thanks for all of your input. I draped a salmon sorta colored cloth around the base , closest thing I could find to rust, it made a world of difference!THANKS for that advise. Currently looking for paint to re-do the base. I'm gonna have to really work on finding a protected area. Currently there is not one in my garden. But I'm thinking hard on how to create one! As I will basically have to donate it to our re-sale shop OR enjoy for as long as it will last! Thanks again for all your input. Will post again when complete

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Looking forward to seeing the 'make-over'. I agree that a different colour on the trunk would bring out the colours in the lampshade even more. Beautiful piece! :)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I also think the shade is special and you should check out if it is valuable.
I love what you did to the "stem", but I would put a darker color over it in kind of a wash, and not totally get rid of your lovely paint job.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I looked at some knockoffs on the inter net that resemble your lamp. Although the are lovely, there are some differences in construction and artistry from your lamp (ever since I started mosaicking I notice how pieces are put together more):)
See how this very similar one for $150 at Overstocki has awkward pieces of glass that don't flow right above the wings, and how the dragon fly wings don't overlap?

Jeannespines mentioned the Jc Penny lamps which I think were Dale Tiffany. I couldn't find one like yours, and they are incredible quality for the price but i think yours is nicer.

This $200 one frm Target, the wings don't overlap and the tails are not perfect and straight like on your lamp.
This one for $477 has the overlapping wings, but see the awkward sloping row of glass pieces above the tail?
I have put a hot link below to the $3,000 plus knockoff, which I still don't think is as nice as yours.
If yours is Tiffany (or even a $3000 knockoff) you could sell it and buy yourself a "cheap" one for your garden and have a bunch of money for your retirement fund or to give to charity!
Please check into it.

Here is a link that might be useful: $3,150.00 tiffany knockoff

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Concrete.... I am SHOCKED at the prices! If you only knew how this thing has been handled and stored for over a year! I have looked every where on it for a name or mark and cannot find a thing. In it's former life it was a hanging lamp, knowing it would not ever be a hanging lamp I threw away ALL the lamp parts. The only thing I kept was the shade. Guess if I knew where or how to sell it I'd jump at the chance. I am not into buying or selling on the internet and I live in a small town, but only 75 miles from a big city. Any suggestions on what type of business I'd contact to try and sell this thing? I'm beginning to think I would be making a huge mistake to put it outside. I would never expect to make thousands but would consider a nice offer. The wing span on the dragon fly is approximately 8 1/2 inches and there are 8 dragonflies It measures 21 1/2 inches in diameter and seems to be constructed very well as I have handled it so much. I surely appreciate all the research you did. Guess i'm gonna put this project on hold for a bit!

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I've been offered $100.00 for the shade! It's from someone that will resell it.....My question being.... is that a reasonable offer?

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Take it to someone else (like antique dealers who have a few lamps) and get a couple of opinions. Tough to tell from a pic. You also may try posting this on the Antique Forum.

Good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Forum

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Check inside of the lamp shade and see if there is something that says "Tiffany" or "Dale Tiffany" if it does, that lamp could be worth anything from $1000 to $40,000.....I would NOT put that in a garden....have it appraised...you might have a jewel on your hands!

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