Rescue 911 (a thread for amusement)

dbarron(z7_Arkansas)July 29, 2014

Have you ever seen a friend or relative's house plant that is so tortured, you want to just grab the pot and run out the door?

So, has anyone done that ? Staged an intervention and perhaps tactfully said, 'You shouldn't be allowed to have plants, GIMME'

I want to think we've all wished we could do something to reprieve the plight of some poor misowned plants. Hopefully, hopefully, noone has came to my house and wished that of my plants...but then again, what I do to African Violets, maybe so :)

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I once went to visit my sister for the weekend. While there, we went and hung out with some mutual friends. One of them showed me a Phalaenopsis orchid they had gotten, because she knew that I grow them too. I just wanted to gasp when I seen it. Her intentions were good, but she had transplanted it into a way too big of a pot, with very little drainage holes. The pot was at least 12" wide and almost as deep. On top of that, she repotted it using regular potting soil. Then she kept it tucked away on a counter with very little light. I just wanted to grab the poor orchid and free it from that pot and its soggy, suffocating soil. It would have fared better with no pot at all, rather than that rotting death trap.

I tried to reiterate over and over how they don't grow in soil like that, but rather up in the canopies of the rainforests, clinging to the trunks of the trees. But she didn't really listen. I guess she assumed that they were just like any typical plant you would find growing in your yard. Finally, I just let it go and tried to forget about it.

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Whenever I can, I am in rescue mode. Curbside, someone once threw out enormous clumps of Yucca gloriosa. I rescued them now have these gorgeous trunking Yuccas (several) that gloom every June. Moth orchid too, rescued right from the's was gone flowering! Restaurant remodeling threw out a very large, Dwarf Schefflera (great house plant btw, but mine is so large, it has to over Winter in a garage). Some people should not be responsible for plants, let alone KIDS! Jus say'in'.

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My sister has a Christmas cactus that has been simply TORTURED for years. She keeps saying I can have it, but since I visit by train, I don't take it with me. Every time I'm at her house I soak it thoroughly. Apparently she remembers it often enough for it to survive, look utterly bedraggled and pitiful, and put out a gorgeous display of flowers every fall. Much to my chagrin!

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My boss left an African violet outside all summer stuck under her outdoor bar and somehow the little thing survived. Well when winter came around I told her I was going to swipe it and she didn't even know it was there. So I still have it, yet to get it to bloom but its going strong.

And I also took a Pothos from a cousin whom got it from his ex and was letting it die. I rehabbed that one and sent it off to a new home.

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My best friend is totally clueless about keeping gift plants from her granddaughter alive. Two years ago I gave her a beautiful orchid that is still "thriving' under her care. It's silk!!

Living in an apartment, I frequently find dumpster plants when a neighbor moves or it has gone so downhill that little hope left. I rescue and if it does survive and flourish, it's passed on to another who wants it. At the moment, I have 5 (dracaena? yucca?) canes showing new growth along with tops of the original 3 plants that were left out in the hot sun in a plastic bag. They will be going to elderly neighbors soon.

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