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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)July 26, 2013

Here are my requisite pics of yesterday's shopping haul...

Two pretty Begonias.

Plectranthus, a Coleus, various Begonias, variegated Tradescantia fluminensis (with an Aptenia between them.)

From on the left above, fairly ordinary Begonias, but one has a Pelargonium, one has a Plectranthus. I was going to get one of each of those also, so these are a bit smaller, but come with bonus Begonias.

Cute little ornamental peppers my son picked out.

FWIW, it was 90 degrees, 99% humidity when we went there yesterday about 2 PM. Walking into the greenhouse part felt like walking into Hades. It was at least 10 degrees hotter in there, and so humid it was hazy, literally took more effort to walk through so much humidity. Fans blowing. All of these plants were in there, as well as the giant mama of most of these, and many other tropicals and succulents. Every inch of me was covered with sweat by the time I finished. If that's what a tropical jungle is like, I don't think I really do want to see these plants in their natural habitat. Goodbye, silly fantasy!

It's not right around the corner, but love this mom'n'pop place I 'found' recently! All of their house plants seem to be on-site props. All of this was $22. I'll take the camera next time. They have some very cool, OLD specimens although the store seems new within the past few years. The sweet kid working there actually knew what I was talking about last time when I asked him if the plants matched the botanical name I wanted to give them. Next time it's not too hot to think, I must talk with him s'more. He might be the propagate-o-phile.

What are you finding?

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Think I have the same plectranthus Purp. Mine was purchased by a friend who passed away the christmas before last,and he just kinda worked it in with my set of container bound children for me to take care of for him. Now that he is no longer around I call the plec Jeff in his memory. Happens to be the only one in my collection that bears a "given" name.

Jeff is not as variegated as yours Purp,as I've kept him in deeper shade than he's accustomed to I suppose,but he's fine that way for now I guess. :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Awww, sorry about Jeff! You could call them all Jeff if you want. DH says all of 'our' house plants are named Steve. (Yes, if I can say 'our' dog, he can say 'our' plants. Sharing is hard! Luckily doesn't apply to cars unless I need to move something big or icky, or we want to go somewhere unpaved. I have the most trouble with 'our' TV, or at least the remote.)

Is Jeff-the-plant fuzzy? I realized yesterday they had 2 kinds. I'd already gotten the smooth one last time. Had a larger pot of this fuzzy guy in my tray but noticed one in company with the Begonia. I always go for a 2-fer, even if smaller. No plans to kill either, right? Hmm.. now I remember the fuzzy one I'd picked out had some pink on it though. See - I *need* to go back. I'm sure you're doing what you can for Jeff!

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Benign neglect mostly...but in all his fuzziness good'ole Jeff is doing just fine with light green instead of stark white.

Plecs never really pulled my strings so until my friend came along with one I was never really interested in them(not really sure why though),and truthfully,if it weren't honoring the memory of a lost friend,it likely wouldn't be in my collection at all...but it grows on me,yaknow? :)

OH and I forgot to mention...NICE work on 'yer latest haul! :D

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Purple, how are Steve and Steve, your ornamental peppers? Did they make it through the winter?

Carol in Jacksonville

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Carol, the Steves are no longer with us. One didn't take the transplant into the ground well and succumbed to heat after a few weeks. The other one made those cute little peppers all summer but was taken by frost. I'd intended to take cuttings to save in pots inside but never got around to it.

The other plants I got that day are still around though, with the possible exception of that tall wax Begonia with the pink flowers. Too early to tell yet, not all of the Begonias had good spots (enough light) inside for winter. Now that they're back outside, they're coming back to life but not all have bloomed again yet.

Asleep, how is Jeff-the-plant?

- Tiffany

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What a terrific group of great plants, they will grow like weeds with your green thumb.

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Hiya Purp!

After keeping jeff the plant from dying this far along,sadly it went to be with it's namesake.

This last winter was just horrible on many of my plants,and when they went out too early and without a canopy of leafed out limbs overhead to shield them,they burned from too much sun. Next they suffered each night as temps were too close to freezing and although they weren't(to my knowledge)ever hit with frost directly,the cold was doing a number on them. Only now are night time temps anywhere near acceptable,so from here it's mostly a recovery process.

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Beautiful haul Purple!!! Beautiful..

It was 50 here yesterday and a whopping 48 today with drizzle and thunderstorms...30's tonight..Some of my houseplants outside are suffering and it's almost June..



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