How to root cutting from Ming Aralia

hbgg1989July 21, 2009

Does anyone have information on rooting a cutting from a Ming Aralia? I have a lovely plant that is tall and I would like to root some cuttings from it.

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I've found that woody cuttings work best

1. Take a section with leaves and a woody stem. With leaved stems, I've found that simply rooting in water works best. Takes ~20 days

2. Take 2" sections of a woody stem, dip in rooting hormone, and plant these small sections into bonsai pot. These are really cool. I have three mini ming bonsai forests I started a couple days ago I can take a photo of so you can see.

However you do it the key to rooting mings is HEAT. People often say these are hard to root. I have almost 100% rooting just because I root my mings in a south window where it's nice and warm. Also as stated if your cutting has leaves, at least for me, it automatically goes in water. Leafless stems are rooted in soil. And keep it nice and moist. Good luck!

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Thank you, I have a couple of cuttings in water now but they haven't shown roots yet. I will give them the 20 days you recommend and hope for the best. I sure hope this is successful; I would be able to get some beautiful plants from the "mother" plant. It is the first one I have had sucess in growing (and I've tried a few).

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I just lost mine unfortunately, but the one was given years ago, was started in water by an attorney who accidentally broke off a branch. Rather than lose it, he tossed it into a vase of water & left it there for months.

It rooted heavily & after a time he gave it to me.

Just be careful transitioning it from water to mix, can be a bit tricky to resettle it after the change.

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