help choosing shade tolerant veggies

MzMolly65(7)September 2, 2012

The only spot in my yard for a veg garden is shady. Some of it gets partial sun, a few hours in the morning and a few in the afternoon, full noon is blocked by big trees. Some of the area is full shade.

I'm used to a farm where the garden was located in full sun.

Any suggestions on shade tolerant veggies I can plant next spring? Are there any?

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Full shade - forget about it. For the rest, all you can do is plant and see what grows. You may get less production, but you wont' necessarily get nothing. I don't live near your zone, so i won't make suggestions, but just try single rows of different standard crops and see what comes up. My yard is either sun in the morning or sun in the afternoon for the most part, and I do fine, but I do get about six hours of sun in each side of the yard.

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I like the above suggestion. I've read that greens are more shade tolerant than crops which need to put out flowers. I get more shade in my garden in fall than during the summer, My only successful fall crop is lettuce although the chard picks up in fall for me, too.

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Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I've made 3 raised beds that are 4x8, one bed along some already existing mesh fence for beans/peas and one 4x4 for potatoes. Not laid out in the prettiest or straightest way but just maximizing any sun at all.

I like the suggestion to just plant a row of each and see what I get. I'll keep a diary too, to track what does grow well.

I joked with my SO that I'll install outdoor grow lights, LOL!

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Lots of things you can grow there. If you are willing to use a space for things that are usually double cropped, plant early enough before the trees leaf out, and the sun light will stimulate full growth of the beasts. I grow collards, kale and cardoon in full shade (after the trees leaf out), and carrots and parsnips in minimal sunlight. Arugula, turnips, asian mustards, will all do well. Basically, roots, stalks, and leaves. The shade is so complete that collards point North instead of South.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

You could also look into light reflecting mulch. It may not be too expensive as an experiment since the area you are doing is not overly large.

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