Is my soil kaput?

topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)September 8, 2012

This spring my asparagus beans did not come up...not 1 , it must have been bad seeds. So I planted late... Kentucky Wonder beans. What a disaster! They got something horrible...shriveled and distorted...maybe curlytop virus? Also got rust, as did nearby morning glories. I let the butterflies have them...then they started putting out nice new leaves and I did get a few beans, but I am worried I have introduced something terrible into my soil. Will this plague persist forever? I am ready to plant Swiss Chard, spinach, collards and kale, but am worried I have a diseased garden and will be forever doomed! What can I do?

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Just plant the winter greens. They do not share diseases with beans, and they will count as a rotation.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I would recommend you get a soil test from your local ag center, then you will know what's going on. It only costs a few bucks. Make sure the ag agent or horticultural agent explains the results to you. They are not the easiest thing to read.

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The test will give you pH and amount of five nutrients. It will tell you nothing about disease. It is possible that your beams did not come up due to overwatering, but either way, it makes no sense to avoid planting other families of vegetables.

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At the very least try to put a heavy mulch down (straw is awesome, not hay with seed heads unless you want to control it) to prevent soil splash. You might not want to over-head water if you do that (to prevent water sitting on leaves + lessen soil splash on the leaves).

That said, everything on your end could be fine and the issue is visiting insects coming from high-disease areas before checking out your plants.

As an aside, I'm a fan of having a soil test at least once so you know what you're actually working with in the root zone as a starting point.

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You probably had a virus on the beans early and they outgrew it. I've seen that happen before. If you planted the asparagus beans early they may not have germinated because of cool soil. Don't hang around worrying, time's a wasting. Get that stuff in so your garden can show you what it can do.

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