2 house plants, 3 questions

AshtashJuly 12, 2013

Hey all. I am sure this has been asked and answered here somewhere, I apoligize in advance, I am not on a great device. I have a few questions about a couple of house plants please. I took 1 little "baby" from a spider plant. I planted it in a small pot and it's color is great, but it does not seem to be growing. Should I have taken more than 1 baby, or that's irrellevant? How long before it matures? I also have an ivy plant. Devils Ivy, I think. Heart shaped bright green leaves. Some of the leaves have white swirl like patterns but not all of them. I have taken several cuttings and added to parent to make it fuller. It has lots of vines and new growth but the leaves are very far apart. Two of the vines are 4 ft long but only have 5-6 lesves. Is there something I can do to make it "leafier"? They live on my porch with lots of lights (not direct sun) I admit I occasionally over-water but not often. They are hanging pots. Thankyou for any help or advice. I see pics of other ivys that are so lush and full...I want that.

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Hi Ash,

If you had the chance to accept more Spider pups, it sure would have helped. :)

I find rooting Spider pups in water, root faster. As long as the pup is well and alive, patience is the key.

What size is the pot? A container that's too big could slow down growth. Since your Spider cutting is small, it should be placed in a pot no larger than 2-3".
Once roots are established, pups can be repotted in a 4" container.

Devil's Ivy is one of many common names for Pothos. (Epipremnum.)

The two 4-foot vines with a couple leaves should be cut in sections. 4-5" per section...then rooted...when roots are good-size, place all cuttings in one container. Again, the pot shouldn't be too large.

Foliage that grows far apart usually indicates plant isn't getting enough light.
Although Pothos are considered low-light plants, they do best in bright light. A little direct, 'very little in summer,' won't cause problems.

Once Pothos are rooted and repotted, add some fertililzer, but light is required.

Again, IMO, rooting Pothos in water is faster.

Good luck, Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Ash, did the spider plant baby have little bumps on the bottom? Those are where the roots form. As they elongate a bit, they are more ready to take off in soil. It's common to put several babies together in a pot, if you want the look of a lot of leaves.

Pothos wants to grow up a tree, so dappled light in/under one is awesome, if you have access to a handy, obliging tree branch. I hang a lot of plants from porch roof too. If they need a bit more light, I lower the pot with chain, fishing line, wire, coat hanger, macramé (no, I'm not that talented or dedicated,) whatever's handy.

When you snip the tip off of a vine, it has no choice but to make a new tip somewhere between there and where it emerges from the soil.

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