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ctasichJuly 24, 2011


I recently moved into a condo and the previous owner left a rather large potted plant. It doesn't appear to be doing well, but I do not know what to do to help it! I figured learning what the plant was might be a good start. Does anyone know what kind of plant I'm dealing with here? Also, any tips on what to do to help it would be great (i.e. bigger pot, new soil, move it inside (it's been 95F+ here) etc...)!




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It looks like Dracaena fragrans, but it's definitely a Dracaena. If the leaves are more slender than D. fragrans, it's probably D. deremensis.

They like an even temperature, no draughts, and dislike a dry atmosphere. If this one was in the apartment before you were, it probably was subjected to fluctuating temperatures. I would think it would be good to repot it, maybe in the same size pot, but in good soil, trim off any dead brown bits, put it in a nice bright spot with no draughts, and see what happens. It doesn't look like it's going to die at this stage anyway, and it's amazing what tlc can do for a houseplant.

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Thanks for the reply! It's currently outside on the balcony. It's pretty humid here, but the temperature fluctuates from 70-100F between night and day respectively. Should it come inside? I'm worried that it wont fit inside.

Another thought, the stalks tend to grow outward at an angle. Is there a way to stabilize it so that it grows upwards or is it alright if it grows in this fashion?

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I see what you mean about the stalks growing at angles. I think it would fit indoors much better if it were more upright. I would like to check this, but I think if you were to select the trunk you like best and chop the others, then repot so the trunk is quite upright, and pot up the chopped-off pieces separately and vertically, you would probably have three nice plants eventually. I wonder what anyone else would suggest about this..I think it's fine growing outside at the moment, by the way, I didn't realise it was outside, but when the weather gets colder, a bright, humid, warm place would be the best.

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Welcome back!

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Hi Marguerite and Cactus.

C. I looked at your three pictures. Do you have one or two Dracaenas??

Pic one is definately D. frangrans 'Corn Plant.' The trunk is a cane.
In picture two, your plant looks like D. 'Janet Craig.' The trunk looks different than the cane trunk in the first picture. Toni

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