time of day for re-potting?

Lamora(4)July 30, 2012

Hi all, I know I haven't been on much-- think about you all the time tho.

Yesterday I had to do an emergency re-pot because the bottom of the pot of my Easter Cactus was cracked so bad, I am surprised the plant didn't fall thru the pot! It was a cheap pot, not plastic. Believe it or not, it was a bio-degradable pot, made of plants and such. Dollar Store. I just thought it was pretty. But I had to re-pot my EC yesterday afternoon. It was hot in the shade and now my DH thinks I should have waited till morning when it is cooler. It doesn't seem to be stressing, so far. I put in just a bit of new soil, and tried not to disturb the roots.

So far it seems to be fine. But I was just wondering when is the best time of day to re-pot? I need to do it to 2 other plants because of the same issues :( (such pretty pots) But they can wait just a bit longer, but not much.

Just wondering is all.

Marjie :)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The best time of day to repot is when you're in a good mood and have some time to yourself. The second best time of day is when you're in a bad mood and have some time to yourself. The worst time of day is when you're pressed for time and don't feel like repotting.

If there was a time of day that, for physiological reasons, was easiest on the plant, it would be early evening. The reason is, as sunlight wanes and the plant enters the respirative Krebs cycle, it is no longer using water taken up from roots for photosynthesis, in fact, water is a byproduct of respiration, so the roots don't have to work as hard to keep the plant turgid (keep it from wilting). That's why plants that wilt during the day often perk up in the evening. So, when you remove roots during a repotting (as opposed to potting up), it's (very) slightly easier on the plant if you do it late in the day. However, the next day is a new day, and the advantage lies only in how much the plant was able to recover (root function) during the overnight period.


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Al, lol.

Marjie, whenever you feel like repotting and have the time to concentrate.

If you're an early bird, the morning is fine, if you're a night owl, then get your mix and start repotting.

Funny, CVS had bio-degradable pots on sale for .50. I considered buying a few, but the label said good for one season. Is this true?
I have another type of B-D, which lasted a couple years. So far, anyway.

Anyway, like Al suggested, repot when you're in the mood.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Not right now!

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Al lol-- ok, will pot early morning and am in the mood..

purple- i thought it was hot here!! right now it is just below 90F in the shade, and it is 7:30 pm.

Hopeful, not sure about one season, i have a yellow one that is doing real good, have had a plant in it since about March. It isnt showing signs of wear at all. The others have had less time with a plant and they need to be replaced already. And they are all on the bottom of the pot. If I do get them again, they will be just a holding pot. Like I said, they are real pretty as far as color goes, bright colors. I like bright. hehe. As soon as I can, I am buying some paint and get creative-- HAHAHAHA!! surprise everyone. lol

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