My deck garden and huge okra plants (pics)

anney(Georgia 8)September 22, 2009

Though it's getting on toward the end of the season, the plants on my deck are flourishing.

The trunk of one of my okra plants in a 5-gallon non-SW bucket:

I think I'll plant dwarf okra next year! These are White Velvet okra, seeds given to me by Gonefishin' back in the day.

The okra has grown to be much taller than I can reach. That cross-arm is 12 feet tall. I use a kitchen stool and pull the tops of the plants over to harvest the okra pods now. I have Black Seeded Simpson lettuce started in one of the blue shallow bins and will transplant more lettuce plants (Merlot and Jericho) into them when they germinate. There are also parsley and broccoli plants in containers out there -- it's nearly a jungle!

There are two New Yorker tomato plants transplanted in August to the left of the okra, covered with blossoms. Beside them are my sturdy Jupiter bells, still producing peppers like crazy. Gotta' pick those ripe ones.

Not bad for winding-down September, even if we have had about six inches of rain in the last four days! Everything in the main garden is long-dead. Too much early rain and disease and failure to keep it weeded.

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Wow! Everything looks great!

I still miss Bill P.(Gonefishin). He was a wealth of info, awesome gardener and a pretty handy welder.

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anney(Georgia 8)


I miss Bill, too, and think of him often. I visualize him in that boat holding up a good-sized fish, and next fiddling with his irrigation system! What a generous nice man he was...

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My Clemson Spineless Okra are only about 4 feet tall, with flower spikes to 5 feet. I just bought (for next year) some Thai Okra from Baker Creek seeds that's supposed to be about 2 feet tall, and a heavy early producer.

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anney(Georgia 8)


Okra that's two feet tall sounds like a better height to me than the monsters I'm growing this year!!!!!

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anney-'Lee' is actually great for containers :) It only gets about 3' tall and doesn't sprawl all over like some okra.

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