dividing asparagus fern

maidinmontanaJuly 22, 2007

Mine is huge and I need to divide it because the pot it is in is huge already and I don't want to go bigger I won't be able to lift it. I wanted to wait to divide it cuz I entered it in the fair this summer.

I read here that you just hack away at the roots and stick each division in different pots. Is there anything else I need to know? Is there anything I should avoid?

Thanks to any and all for advice.

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Cut it like you would a cake.... Take it out of the pot and cut from the top down into fourths (or half depending on how many you want) I use a butcher knife, although sometimes I feel a machete would work better, lol! Make sure there is parts of the Asparagus stems in each cut (not just roots) if you do happen to cut a piece that has no stems it will be okay, but it takes longer for it to come out of it and for you to see any growth. If you have it outside after this make sure it gets plenty of water.

You are dividing it before it goes to the fair or after?

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Thanks Mike, I think it was you who touched on that same ? a few weeks ago, your voice sounds the same anyway, lol (explanations) I don't plan on putting it outside, the last time I did that I burnt the needles/stems. I did have one that I grew outside from the get go tho, and it bloomed for me. I think I will just divide it in half, I don't need four more plants. I will do it after the fair, but it will get a good hair cut before it goes, and maybe some leaf shine. . . gotta get all purdy for the fair.

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Maid, I bet your asparagus is beautiful..
They do great outside in a semi shady area..and the berry's/flowers you'll see in fall through winter are stunning.
But the two important things when outdoors are no direct south or west sun, and water, as Micke states. They're big drinkers for sure..
If you're going to divide in half, why not place one outdoors and one inside? Toni

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I have mine in West sun, it isn't as green as yours for sure but it does have the tiny white flowers right now, I have a giant pine tree shading it from most of the sun but in the evening

I am thinking about dividing again as well, but I really don't want to add a extra pot to have to find a spot for lol!!
I think your Asparagus is georgeous and if it wasn't for the fact that I use Summer as my breathing room from my plants I would keep mine inside, I love the deep green compared to my lime color!

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I think it would be safe to put it in more sunlight. When I had the one , a different one than this, I kept it on my deck in full, constant sun. That was the one that flowered for me. It was so thick and bushy it actually provided shade for some other palnts.

The one thing I do to my AF now is water it with water I cook my veggies in. I don't use salt in the water and I dilute it w/fresh water. It kinda smells for a day but only if you're right next to the plant. I haven't tried it w/any of my other plants, don't know why just haven't.

Next spring I am gonaa try a small one and keep it outside all summer, but I don't want to risk harming this one. Maybe I will put the divided one out this summer. ??

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I got tired of going up a pot size every other year, it was getting too big and taking up too much room. These plants are as tuff as nails!
Instead of dividing into smaller plants that I'd have to find room for.
(I think the pot was up to a 12" by this time) I used a reg hand saw and sawed the sides, maybe about 4" in, and then sawed off the bottom, about 6" or so without any harm to the plant whatsoever. Then just put in back down in the same pot with new soil.
You can even cut off more if you wanted (with some stems) and down-size the pot.

Billy Rae

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before discarding, if you dont plan on keeping the divided sections,can we discuss an arrangement for transfer to me?robin5

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

They can take full sun outdoors in Phoenix Arizona and are used in landscaping in parking lots and other hot dry reflected heat locations all around the city but....when moving outside from inside they need to be moved gradually or they will burn up.

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