Need help with my Rubber Tree Plant

GardenNovice6420July 22, 2014

I purchased two young Rubber Tree Plants last month. They came in two 4" growers pots. I put the two of them in an 8" pot. They seem to be doing well. Recently, however, I've noticed a tan/dark spot on about 4 leaves. The spot is thin on the leaf making it so you can see it on the underside of the leaf; you can see through it somewhat.

What is happening to it? Is it maybe getting too much light? Is that a sunburn? I often struggle with knowing the difference between "direct light" and "indirect light" ... my window is really bright and sunny (it faces West, but there's a tall building next to mine and I always think this helps -- I may be wrong)

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Here's another view. This is underneath another leaf ...

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This is a view of the whole plant.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It looks like mechanical injury - bruising, if you will. It's not a disease or insect-related, by what I'm seeing in the pics.

You really can't give a rubber tree too much light indoors behind glass (windows) unless the plant is acclimated to low light and you move it suddenly to a high light location, but they can suffer over-heating. Leaves act like passive solar collectors and absorb light, turning it into heat. What's called the boundary layer (of air) surrounding the leaf can then trap the heart and prevent it from being lost to the surrounding air. Having a fan in the room disrupts the boundary layer and helps prevent over-heating (entirely different from sunburn, which is photo-oxidation). Moving air in the room also helps control insects and tends to promote back-budding. I keep a fan on all the plants I over-winter indoors 24/7 from the time they come in in the fall until they go out in late spring (end of May or early Jun in mid-MI where I live.

Best luck!


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Photo Synthesis

Hey there, nice plant ya got there. I'm not sure what could have caused those spots, but I doubt it's from too much light. I keep mine in direct sunlight on my back porch, which faces South. I keep it well watered and don't let it dry out in this hot weather, and it seems to love it, growing new leaves one after another.

Perhaps someone might know what could've caused this to your plant. But if these spots aren't spreading, or getting any bigger, I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep an eye on it for any pests. Hopefully it's nothing. Otherwise, your plant looks fairly healthy.

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