ripe tomatillos

toad_ca(z7b Bellingham, WA)September 5, 2008

How do you know when tomatillos are ripe? I realize that they should probably fill out the husk, but how long after that? I know that they're hard, so I can't use the squeeze test.

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cabrita(9b SoCal)

They will slowly fill up the available space inside the husks. You can harvest when that happens. Sometimes the husks turn yellowish or light brown, indicating they are very ripe (and sweet) but some people prefer to prepare them more greenish. Other times they are so ripe they do fall off the vine, then pick those for sure. I find that on my vines the tomatillos ripen at much different times, this is nice so I don't have to eat them all at once.

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toad_ca(z7b Bellingham, WA)


Thanks for responding so quickly. I planted purple tomatillos, but even the ones that have filled up the space pretty well are still green. Should I wait for some color? Or did TGS send me the wrong ones?
Mine are coming in at all different times too, so it's good to know that's normal (and good that I don't have to make gallons of salsa all at once!).

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