I'm going crazy trying to cut a terra cotta pot

toomuchglass(5)January 22, 2012

You would think that cutting a clay pot is easy -- lemme tell ya - it's NOT ! It's 30 degrees out & I was outside with the angle grinder trying to cut it . It just kinda burned a score line in it. I tried tapping it - the breaks went everywhere I DIDN'T want them ! I tried every suggestion I could find online *sigh* - no luck. My poor toad abode needs a door ! Can you help ?

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No help from me, 2much, sorry! But when I break a terra cotta pot or the weather breaks it...I stomp on it for pcs for 'mulching!' So 'stomp' on this one & maybe someone else can help you out! If they only break in half, I use them as tipsy 'planters' directly w/plant growing out of the ground. Good luck with a solution! Jeanne S.

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Were you using a diamond blade?


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I'm not sure what the wheel is made of - I use it to cut metal when I'm welding. It cuts thru metal like butter - this pot is not cooperating !

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You need a blade that cuts tile also you want to soak it in water for a while.

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Wrong blade.

Get a diamond blade, not very expensive. Will cut terra cotta like butter.

Get the dry cutting kind. Don't use water, even water cuts much better. Your angle grinder may not be water proof.

Get a face mask. Very dusty.

Make sure the saw blade hole is the right size or you have adapters to make the blade fit.


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You got a Taurus 3? That would work!

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Marlene Kindred

I was going to suggest a diamond blade or bit or even try a glass cutting tool.

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