Please ID this viny houseplant

SnailLover(5a MI)July 13, 2012

Have had this for several years. The cutting came from a friend named Dave, so we call it the 'Dave Plant.' lol. Leaves are smooth, thick, waxy looking, and variegated. It blooms only occasionally. The blossoms look almost like plastic and smell VERY very pungent (see pic).

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


That is a Hoya, likely a Hoya carnosa & what lovely blooms it has. Nice plant, looks healthy. Try sniffing the blooms in evening, I believe this is one of the Hoyas some folks say can smell like chocolate.

FYI: though this can certainly be discussed here (yes, it's a houseplant, but can be grown outdoors too), there's also a Hoya forum here (see front page, at the very top) where only these plants are discussed.

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SnailLover(5a MI)

Thank you so much! I've been wondering what it is for years. The Dave Plant finally has a proper name :)

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I have one in my glazed porch and when it flowers you can smell it all through the house. Very tolerant of neglect. Just for clarity it is frost tender so can only be grown outdoors during the summer in colder zones.

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SnailLover(5a MI)

Yeah, a very strong fragrance. After a few days it's almost overpowering. But it's such a pretty bloom and doesn't happen very often, so I just put up with it and appreciate the beauty. Good to know it can go outside in summer (I'm in zone 5).

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I think I've mentioned that I had one so enormous that it would have hundreds of flowers in various stages of development almost all the time. The scent of chocolate was 'gag-O-licious '. I jumped for joy when someone begged to buy it from me, lol.

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I have one, been abusing it for years. Maybe that is why it has no scent? Never had a smell of any kind, but it sure does draw medium sized fuzzy yellow bumble bees. I just went out to smell it since it is nearing dark, and find that the African Violets have more scent.

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