new gardener needs advice and help

aurore908September 7, 2012

I'll start with the butternut squash.The 2 that I made soup with were great. Not quite ripe but a good sweet nutty flavor.

There are 6 more they look good but the vines are wilting or dying.I see no insects. I am tempted to pick everything, cook and freeze.Then get rid of all the squash plants. Or perhaps I should save them? The tomato plants are producing green fruit (only one is red and ripe so far) but the leaves are turning brown and krinkly. and falling off, from the bottom up. what should I do? I have planted several stringbean plants since I started last September. (7 or 8?) They have all died. They grow high then turn brown and dry up. Well those are my problems for now. Can anyone help?

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Knowing your planting zone would help. Tomatoes and green beans are summer vegetables, so they are winding down this time of year. If the squash plants still have some green leaves, they are making food for the plant, so leave them alone. The brown leaves won't recover, so remove them.

Here is a link that might be useful: What's Growing On?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Agree that without knowing your zone or location we can't really advise you on any of your issues as many are plant age and weather related. For many of us the summer garden is long done and we are into fall garden planting by now.

Plus are these plants in containers or in the ground? Makes a big difference. What is the name of the variety of the tomato plant? It could just be a determinate variety that has lived its course. What has been you feeding and watering routine?

Need much more information.


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I'm not quite sure what zone this is. I think it is 8. I'm in the central area of Texas,north of Houston.My plantings are in above the ground boxes and containers. I planted with dirt from miracle grow and I water daily.With so many over100 degree days I often water 2 times with a hose on shower setting.The squash are from seeds of squash we ate. The tomato bushes are called Solar Fire-Heat tolerant hybrid. I am uploading 2 photos .Will I be able to save the things that are now growing?

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zzackey(8b GA)

I think you are in zone 9. I'm in 8b. We get our first frost usually the first or second week of November, so you should have lots of growing time left. Check with your local agricultural center to find out more growing info.

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The squash succumbed to mildew probably. Solution: do not shower them, use drip or just place the hose under them and let it run. They do not do particularly well in containers. The tomatoes did the same, except they got some sort of wilt caused by their leaves being wet. Solution is the same, and they, too, do not do particularly well in containers. Beans do not make it when temps exceed 90. Grow other crops, such as okra, eggplant, pepper, melon, watermelon, or grow some beans well adapted to heat, such as cowpeas or yardlong. 100 is too high for most vegetables.

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squash and tomatoes do not like the chemicals in our water as it ends up damaging the leaves. Soak-er hoses would do better or a deep water pick. Or you could build your own soak-er watering system. Just keep the water of the leaves of Tomatoes plants and any hairy leaf vegetable, etc

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Thanks for all the great advice. Never thought about the water and the books don't mention that. So here is what I shall do. Leave the tomatoes for now because they are giving me tomatoes. (a few)plant new ones for the second season. Collect the5 squash and get rid of the vines. I will plant winter squash plants in a sunny spot behind the pots.I will also plant greens, spinach and broccoli in containers. Hope to do better. Thanks again. I am grateful for any advice given.

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