ummm sweet bell peppers turning black

bobboberanSeptember 27, 2008

-is this normal it really doesn't look like they are rotting it just looks like they are turning black. They are not mature .Still young and still growing .

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Black or just dark? Some bell peppers darken to a brownish hue before they turn red.

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ahhhh interesting that could be a brown hue but I will have to wait on the color changes makes sense because they are still growing and have no indication of rotting it appears to be all the peppers only one plant . They are very young peppers and only about 1/3rd size

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Ther are quite a few black/darkpurple bells. Maybe you have one of those

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oh very nice pic farmerdilla ! the one on the top left is more like it I see green and blackish on that one like mine ,anyhow mine look healthy just like yours but only blackish streaked of course . I didn't know sweet bells could be that color that's very cool I wonder how they taste compared to green red or yellow .

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The colored bells ( Purple, black , white taste basicly the same as green bells. They all turn red when ripe. This particular cultivar (Mavras) starts green, turns black,then ripens to red.

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okay yeah thats purple and turning red I have only one pepper that size so far .I hope I can wait for them to all turn red they are so much better for you . I killed all the plants which had peppers the size of a thumb nail this morning and kept all the ones which are 1/3 or larger roughly normal sized peppers which is the majority of them . I must be color blind I have a hard time distinguishing a deep purple and black but this one I can see is purple and red would also be nice if that pepper in your hand was actual size lol it fills my computer screen

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I planted purple peppers this year (I had never had them before). I really like them. I eat green peppers, but in limited amounts. I like the flavor they add to the food much more than the taste of the pepper. We've eaten a couple of purple peppers (purple is immature, just like green) and they were really good. I don't really know how to describe it, maybe a smoother flavor?? I will grow them again. My purples turn green when cooked.

I hope the orange bells I planted get to mature. I really like the flavor of the orange and yellows. I think next year I'll try from seed, and get the variety pack with all the colors. It just sounds kind of fun and tasty! I also may try some sweet peppers that aren't bells. I'll have to do some research on those though, I don't know anything about them.

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

My experience has been that the colored peppers tend to have less bitterness than the green bells when immature, plus more fragrance.

Sometimes my green bells will turn virtually black on part of the pepper. Doesn't appear to affect them negatively, they just have a black pigment, usually on the part exposed to more sunlight. I just figure they developed a tan!

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