English Ivy - hanging or climbing?

vivid-dawn(5)July 21, 2013

I have decided that I want to get house plants for natural air purifying. I love the look of Ivy, but it's toxic to cats and Nebula likes to nibble (or chomp...totally ate my whole boston fern, and it was just a little nursery pot one!)

I am going to build a cage and have in it a Peace Lily, some Chrysanthemums and snake plants (all toxic to cats). I would like to have Ivy, but doing research it says it's a climbing vine. Yes they can be in hanging pots, but would that be not as good for them? Maybe the gravity of tugging them down all the time compromises proper root grow or something?

I could do without it, but if I do have it, want it to be as healthy as possible. I would have it hanging from the roof of my plant cage, because then it can be in the middle of the cage and out of reach of the cats. If it has to climb, I would need to put stakes in, as I don't want it near the edge of the wire mesh where little paws could go 'fishing' for a few leaves!

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ivy - people keep this in hanging baskets all the time. from the plants point of view it would probably prefer something to climb on. I have two little cuttings I put in a pot with a makeshift chicken wire trellis, we'll see how that goes. ive also heard they are difficult to keep inside and attract spider mites.

cats- are a pain in the ass. in my experience they want to eat the peace lily but ignore the snake plants.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I think that most of us would discourage you from English Ivy. It is notiously difficult to grow inside and is a huge spider mite magnet when grown as a houseplant.

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Ironically, Nebbie is the most well behaved of all my cats - isn't loud, doesn't go in the kitchen or on the office desk. But she's the sole reason I'm putting the plants in a cage at all! The other cats couldn't care less about them. And it might be just Boston Fern, cuz she did leave my African Violet alone (though I think it's she didn't like the fuzz on the leaves)

Anyhoo, I guess I'll skip the Ivy and let the Snake Plant be my "flowing" feature.

Thanks guys! :)

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