sweet potato growing in cupboard...questions

halfandhalf(10b)September 9, 2012

Hi, I have an organic sweet potato growing in the pantry. It has white and purple slips, it looks way different then the one I grew in water. Do I plant the whole thing in dirt or take slips off. There are no leaves growing on it. Thanks for any advice.

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

g'day halfandhalf,

couple options wait for slips to grow to around 4 to 6"s then cut those sections off the tuber and plant them, or plant the whole tuber now. you are coming into winter that is when sweeties go dormant/die back, you could just leave them grow through winter then plant when the soil warms in early summer.

the slips could end up very long by then but that means you could then take cuttings and stand them in water and they will root.

have a look at our presentation mean time. if you do plant them out now be sure to heavily mulch around them to keep the ground from getting cold.


Here is a link that might be useful: lens growing sweet spuds and pines

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You can either put it in the dirt whole, or put it outside in the shade (don't let it dry out) and let the slips grow some more and then put those in the dirt. I just put some boniato slips in 2 days ago. If you're also in zone 10b, you can grow them year round.

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Thank you Len! I read your website and I'm going to try blueberries,even though I heard they won't do well. Never hurts to try. Also would love to give coffee a go as well.

Thank you Subtrop! I will plant the a few slips after I get roots and plant the rest of whole potato this week. I live in San Diego.
I'm new to gardening. Planted some beans 4 days ago(bush),just going slow with a few veggies until I get my soil right for spring.
Happy gardening to both of you!

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