Help with ID?

NVL4July 31, 2014

While out and about earlier today I saw this plant in a lobby. Does anyone know what it is? Sorry the pictures aren't better. It was backlit.

Thank you

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As you can see it's really tall.

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Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolae). They are actually easy houseplants if you have the space...and a bit of sun, or decent light. (Not likely to flower in your living room, however.)

P.S., you think THAT'S big, those are its baby pics!

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THANKS!!! LOL @ baby pics! Oh my! I was looking at pics but it didn't seem to have that base that almost looks plaited. Does it only get that as it gets older? You answered my other question - whether it not it would bloom.

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As I understand it, they don't bloom until big and I doubt your ceiling is high enough. I have seen them in botanical garden trees where they push toward the very top.

Not sure what you mean by plaited base. Are you perhaps thinking about Traveler's Palm (it's related to it)? Traveler's are not nearly as easy in a home...much higher light requirement.

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All of our regular ceilings are 10 foot except for the vaulted ceilings in the living room and trey ceilings in the bedroom. The vaulted ceilings are at least 20 feet but I would have it in the corner where it's between 12 and 15 feet. When it gets to it's to 15 plus feet in height (or too think) it will become an issue, but I think it will be OK for a while. I need a pretty tall plant.

This is what I was referring to with the base of the plant. This is a white Bird of Paradise.

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This is what the plant stems remind me of.

I would be happy if it was just healthy but never bloomed. Blooms would just be a happy surprise. :) the long stems and big dark leaves are just beautiful.

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