What plant is this and can it be saved?

kateanne(11)July 12, 2013

A coworker gave me this plant to try to bring back to health, not sure what it is, but it has been abused. She watered it with some kind of sports drink and not there are salt(?) crystals on the leaves and soil. It has been hanging on in her office which gets enough sun that we never have to turn on our lights during work hours, but never direct sun. I am going to try rinsing it and pruning the dead parts, but anything else?

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Sports drink? What was she thinking? lol.

I'd repot, remove plant and hose excess soil, start fresh. New soil, etc.

Running water, 'leaching soil' might help, but since salt crystals have formed in soil and leaves, it'd need a LOT of leaching.

Sorry, can't ID your plant..Are leaves thick or thin?

It looks like one of several perennials that grow in cool climates.
On the other hand, if leaves are semi-thick/thick, it could be a fancy-leaf Geranium..just a guess. Toni

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I don't know what she was thinking, One of my coworkers just stopped by my office and commented she thought it was a mum. From what I can tell the leaves are somewhat similar to a mums, but smaller than the kind I have seen back on the mainland or in the grocery store. I have never had mums myself, tho. I will take it home and clean it up and give it some sun on my patio and see if that helps. On closer inspection the white deposits look like there is some mold in wth the salt. this little plant has taken some abuse! but it is starting to show some buds.

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Mum is another possiblity. There's mini Mums to football size. 8-inches to 4-feet. Different leaf shapes, too, but to be honest, the leaves aren't exactly shaped like any Mum I've seen, but that doesn't mean much. lol.
Do you know the plants age?

The reason I asked...Florist Mums are usually short-lived gift plants, like cut roses. Garden Mum are perennials, do better outdoors, in-ground.

I can't see buds, crystals or mold on leaves. It might be my eyesight or the photo.

After buds open, perhaps we can ID your plants.

Do leaves have any fragrance? If so, can you please describe. :) Toni

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I am pretty sure it is a chrysanthemum, I guess that's what you mean by "mum". If so, I wouldn't give it too good a prognosis for the winter. Depending on where you live, you could always try to plant it out, that is if the winter where yoy live isn't frosty... I don't know how it would manage degrees below zero celsius.

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Wrong spelling, "yoy" was supposed to be "you". (blush!)

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I think it is a chrysanthamum, and I recently moved to honolulu so cold weather wont be a problem.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Hardy garden mums are a favorite dependable perennial in quite cold climates, where winter temperatures stay below freezing. Delicate florist mums aren't very cold hardy.

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