Alocasia Identification + Diagnosis Help [w/ Pics]

adoosJuly 19, 2014

Will upload more pics in more messages.

I live in China, would like to know what species this is.

Also you can see they are not 100% healthy, potentially over-watered. What's your diagnoses?


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

One significant limitation is not enough light.


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It's an Alocasia macrorrhizos. They like a lot of water, but still make sure the drainage is good. They don't sit in water as much as Colocasias can. They also prefer full sun but can cope with a little shade. So if it stays indoors most of the time you should keep it in the brightest area you can. The way yours has grown the temperature must be okay. They are grown for food, especially in Fiji, but most probably also in southern China.

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cooljjay(Page, AZ)

very nice plant! I would also agree to give it lots more light. It also appears that pot may not have drainage holes, as it is a decorative container. I would transplant it into a larger container with some nice fresh potting soil and find a nice sunny location for it or put it outside on a patio/porch. Since you are in China, this plant would do excellent outside.

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Depends where in China. In the north it gets extremely cold, in the south would be okay.

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adamharbeck(WA Aust)

Hi. It's a BuddhaâÂÂs Hand (Alocasia cucullata) NOT Alocasia macrorrhizos.

Please don't try and eat it, you will burn your mouth out.

Here is some info on how to grow them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buddah's Hands

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I've both Alocasia cucullata and Alocasia macrorrhizos growing at home, have had them for years, and it definitely isn't A. cucullata. Leaf shape is wrong, also growth habit is different.

No taro should be eaten raw, they need to be cooked properly. They're the staple food for millions of people.

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