How are your plants holding up in this heat?

Lamora(4)July 6, 2013

Hi All, I know i haven't been here a while, been being lazy in this heat wave.

That brings me to the question above. Mine are not doing too well at all, I am watering to the point that i think I am over watering. It is so much hotter outside then inside right now, so we brought them all inside, back to the artifical light, but they are cooler. A few of them almost died from outside, IN THE SHADE, no direct sun, Spider plants got the worst of it. My DH put in one of those little AC units that fits in the window, in our room, so i think they are better off with being inside.

Some are just not doing well tho, Not growing like they were. The Pothos are the only ones that seem to be growing. All my Hoyas, on the tips, all dried up, I am hoping they will start to grow again. Easter Cactus never did blossom, she don't look well at all. Segments keep falling off of her, not browning or anything, just falling off.

I am really hoping it is just the heat, and not me doing something wrong.

But I need to water them again today, guess I had better get started.. :)


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I know the heat in the west is BAD but it is hot for new york standards, The rain has kept my plants looking wonderful. They issued a heat advisory for extreme southern new york. For the westerners, the humidity is just starting up with monsoon season, For Easterners, the humidity is 70 plus, oppressive for us

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Mine are all relishing the heat under trees, in shady spots, under the trellis, while the full sun loving ones are happy there too.

I use to have a problem with having to water them often and then not enough..But now that my plants are all growing in an entirely different mix made by myself, they can be watered all they want and do not dry out to fast either...

I have about 25 Hoya's that are all under trees and so far no burnt tips or any problems...They grow faster than ever in fact left outside..Good luck and I hope yours respond well soon:-)

I wish I could leave them out all summer!


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Only 114 degrees here! For some insane reason they're all still alive.
Lots of water and partial shade. But I've had these guys for several years so they have the routine down. Me, well that's another story.

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Funny thing-- I put them outside right after posting this, Showered them all down. They were doing fine! Looked like they were enjoying it even. BUT!! This weather is so unpredictable,, the wind started up-- very hard wind, knocked a few over before I could get them in. So now they are back inside. Was talking about taking them outside yesterday, just talking, mind you, and the wind started up real strong agan-- my poor babies, not seeing much of the outside this year. :(

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Hey Marjie,

How have you been? Glad you're back.

It's been a strange summer. Not too hot, 87F,' but w/humidity the heat index is in the mid-high 90's.

I love this weather..days 90's, nights 60's.

The majority of my plants summered outdoors are succulents; they do well. Some Aloes sunburned, but finally adapting.

Depending on the temp, I'd be careful w/tropicals. Some trops are heat-sensitive.

Have you ever been to Great America? Large Spider plants are placed outside, potted in ornate containers, 24/7, in hot sun and harsh rain. Like the mailman in summer. lol. GA's Spider plants look fantastic.

Wind is another problem. I can't tell you how many times I had to lift felled plants. Soil spills, I add more, only to have the same plant fall again.. Sigh..

How do you set plants? On tables? Hanging?
I discovered placing plants potted in clay around smaller or lighter plants don't fall as often. They do tilt, but remain on tables.

BTW, the few tropicals that are summered outside need more water. Most likely, you're not over-watering. It may feel you are because you're used to watering plants in winter. Plants need a lot less water indoors during cloudy, cold days.

Take care, hope you're well, Toni

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Dew point of 73 f. was higher than S. Florida. Plants must be lovin' it but too uncomfortable for me to want to get out there to check. Nights in the 60's?!
Sounds arctic--try lows in the mid 70's. Yes, weird summer--much more humid, overcast, rainy, and tropical than 'normal'. This is like summer in Miami! No great heat by Western standards. You just end up standing in a puddle of your own sweat if you exert yourself (getting the mail out of the mailbox, etc..). Out West, you must not realize all the sweating, as it evaporates (easier to dehydrate). Here, like I said, it just forms puddles around you that don't evaporate.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Marjie, don't think I've seen you say anything for a bit, though I don't look at every discussion, if I don't know the plant in the title. Hope all is well! I think it's been hotter where you are (until now) this summer.

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