pathos discoloration?

pinkiemarie(5)July 28, 2013

Does anyone know what might cause this type of discoloration on a g I'll den pathos? it was reported several months ago. I have several leaves on established stems with this kind of discoloration.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Please show us more examples of the discoloration you are referring to on your pOthos.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

If you're 'out there,' searching for info, use the spelling Pothos. The botanical name is Epipremnum.

Yes, more pics please. You can add one per post, to add as many as you feel like. I can't tell if that's variegation or sunburn. Looks like one or the other. Pothos can hold leaves for years, so a pic of the overall plant might help to see if it's something that happened to some leaves in the past, or only on the side by a window, or variegation that's basically even throughout all of the leaves.

How long has it been inside your house?

Nice macramé hanger, BTW!

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Mine started doing the same thing a few weeks ago. I know mine isn't sunburn because its not in any direct light or close to the window. It looks somewhat like sunburn tho. It comes and goes. A leaf will have it and then it turns back green.

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>.The POTHOS is indoors, not near a window so there's no chance of sunburn. The discoloration is a lighter green, almost with a grayish tint, and is actually a different texture. It's rougher, not shiny. I'm finding it on some newer leaves so it isn't old age or anything.

This photo includes some variegation at the tip of the leaf which should help contrast the colors. Sorry, my house is really dark so it's hard to get good pix.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

One of DH's fav things to do is look at auto-correct disasters, you're so not alone out there! This one made me giggle too, g I'll. So it had trouble with golden, and they call that smart. LOL!

I think I see what you mean now, with the new pic. First thing would be to check for pests. I don't know what Pothos could 'get' besides spider mites. Is there any spider-webbing on the plant?

Some of the spots could be mechanical damage. If you are moving the stems around, turning the plant, and a leaf gets bent/creased, you wouldn't notice right away but it will eventually turn into a brown spot/line.

The other question I would ask is about how this pot drains excess water. I see that it's hanging but can't tell what kind of hanging basket it is, or what kind of attached drain saucer it might have. Some of these hanging baskets are better designed to kill plants than for them to grow well, especially when watering with tap water. If it's allowing excess water to stand in the bottom of the pot, some roots could be rotting, which would lead to dying leaves. Would you be able to add a pic that shows the pot and whole plant, from a bit farther back?

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