help me identify this plant

micke(6)July 15, 2012

This plant had a Hoya tag on it and I know it isnt a hoya..lest not the one they said it was. Im leaning towards a type of pothos but was wondering if anyone knows what it is?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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You are right. It is not a Hoya. It is a Pothos hybrid.


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Found it on the exotic angels site..they are calling it Pothos "Pearls & Jade"

I am weird, I cant stand it unless I have the common name nailed down.


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Actually, your plant is Epipremnum aureum 'N' Joy', however, I've seen it also listed as 'Pearls & Jewels'...

Most people know and call epipremnums, Pothos.

So, your plant is Pothos, 'N Joy' or 'Pearls and Jewels.' lol. Toni

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Defo an Epipremnum.

Nearest commercially available version I've seen in Europe is E. Marble Queen - but that is spotty rather than two tone.

OT - as I (a brit) seem to have joined a US website, are they called Pothos over there?

Over here the growers call them Epipremnum, but we all refer to them as Scindapsis - which is what they used to be called until reclassified....

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StewartsJon... Welcome.

Although the scientific name is Epipremnum, synonyms are Pothos aurea and Scindapsis aureus.
Here in the states, Epipremnums are commonly called 'Pothos.' Toni

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I understand about wanting to know the names of plants-- i have to write them down in a notebook.. plus put it on the pot-- only way I can do it. :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

micke, that's a very pretty version of that plant! Nice!

About notes... If it's easier to remember real or descriptive names, like Annie and Steve, or Cutie, Pinky, and Stumpy, you can name the plants that way, and keep notes you organize by those names.

I would recommend keeping pictures as records, though, on the computer. Open a picture of each plant in Paint (under accessories menu on Windows.) There you can "write" the name of the plant on the picture, save as a different name if you want to keep the original photo unmarked.

However, after losing all of my garden notes and all other files to a lightning strike earlier this year, I would go the extra step and back it up on a CD occasionally, or at email a copy to a friend periodically in case something like that happens. Luckily most of the gardening stuff is in my head but there were lists I made that I really miss consulting.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Purple,

Don't you have a surge protector on your computer (w/ the power strip)? If you don't pls. get one, it grounds your computer. (Sorry, that must have been a big bummer.)

Problem for me /w documenting it all was when the collection becomes large enough, that becomes a project in itself, so I quit doing it. (I was up to 180 plants at one point.)

It's all in my head now & sometimes on the plant tags too, sometimes my pots have 2 or 3 tags in them w/ certain notes if the plant is 10 yrs./ old or more & has had several repottings.

Recently Norma shared a great trick about plant tags, make TWO instead & put one in the bottom of the plant UNDER it. Then when one pots it up, one finds the tag down below (in case one's lost the other tag already).

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Good tips. And thanks, for the sympathy, and I do have that now now! Got one for the TV too.

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My business is next door to a garden centre that stocks houseplants bought from a wholesaler.

Occasionally I'll see something really interesting in there and think "ooh, what's that called?" and it's just got a barcode and the word "houseplant" on it. The person in charge doesn't know either because she just saw it on a wholesaler's lorry and said "ooh, that's nice". Very frustrating!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I wonder if you could find the info by using the barcode? AFAIK, each 12-digit number is unique but they may not be universal in different stores. Does anyone know?

I googled 3 barcodes and 2 led immediately to the product. This link may help. Put all 12 digits.

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