help me with my golden cane palm!

elle27(9)July 13, 2014

I love this plant and it has taken a turn for the worst I'm afraid. I have browning tips on it and found a rotted cane and cut it off at ground level and am treating it with a fungicide spray. Now what, my healthier foliage is dying too now. How do people keep these plants happy. I've read they are highly recommended as clean air indoor plants. It usually sits by the window to the west, but here is a picture of it since I am trying to leach it on my porch in hopes of saving it. This is not an ideal plant to have to move as it weighs 100+ pounds!

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I also wanted to add that I had a gnat infestation early this year and a claimed 'horticulture expert'/ neighbor helped me leach the soil and losten roots, and recommended a 10-1 parts bleach to 10 part water to kill gnats and then we drenched it like crazy to rinse it. Does this look like it may have a defincency? The tips are curling. Just help me save this hundred + dollar plant!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It's not unusual to find people operating at well beyond their limitations (your neighbor). Scheesch! Did he/she consider the implications of all the sodium chloride left behind after the bleach reaction, or the upward spike in pH the homebrewed gnaticide caused?

I feel really bad for you - and wish you'd have come here for advice about the gnats, which are actually more a symptom of an underlying problem than a problem in and of themselves.


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Thank you Al! I will from now on. I should have known better, it went against my instincts. Well is there any hope to balance it out or should I return it? My plant center knows me by name and has done so for me before without any issues. I would save it if you think there is a chance.
Thank you!

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Damaged fronds don't recover. You have to wait for new ones to grow. The plant has to recover first. So it's a matter of time. The quickest and easiest solution is to get a replacement. Golden Canes are fairly drought tolerant, for a palm, so you can err a bit on the side of dryness with the watering. Still need to give it a good flushing from time to time to wash out excess salt build up.

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