I'm a Mom!

birdsnbloomsJuly 23, 2013

And proud to boot.

While weeding the front garden, I discovered one of my youngns' sitting on a leaf.

Originally egg cases were attached to a Smoke Tree branch in the back yard.

How this little guy/girl found its way in front is beyond me.

Anyway, I'm sooo happy. It's the little things.......


Can you see him/her?

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A mantis!!!!!

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A mantis!!!!!

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Hi Pumpkin,

Yep! He/she is hard to see..they're excellent chameleons. lol.

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

I love mantids, they're kinda cute! Looks like a young Tenodera sinensis.

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Very cute!!!

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took me about ten minutes lol cool

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

That's cool! Obviously making a living in your yard. ...so how old are they now, almost 5 weeks? pics when hatched. Growing fast!

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Thank's everyone..Wish they'd turn green...

Cactus Boss..I wrote the seller..he said egg cases were Chinese Mantis. To be honest, I don't know one from the other.
But, there's one Mantis that looks like a flower..

Purple, Can't recall the date I placed cases outside, but the first time we noticed babies were May 13th.

Does that make me a mom or grandma? ::)

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

Tenodera sinensis is the scientific name for Chinese Mantis. I used to keep them as pets. They only live 6-9 months at most. The United States Department of Agriculture prohibits exotic mantid species being kept as pets(Chinese Mantis is okay because It has been naturalized here), so that includes the Flower Mantis and most other mantis species unfortunately. i just want you to be aware of that.

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Hi Toni!

Found a thread for you!

Here is a link that might be useful: ...posted by you on may 30th

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And also...

Here is a link that might be useful: the one you posted on june 27th

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2 years ago I had some hatch by my garage door. They are so cute. There was so many of them.

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I have a golden one in the garden that I've been watching for a couple of months (not continuously!). Measured it at 65 mm and it's still sub-adult. The colours are a stark contrast to the tree it prefers to be on but it seems to get by. I'm waiting for it to become adult to see if the colours change. There's the large Hierodula species here that are green and I suspect the golden one will end up the same. They're fascinating creatures looking at them from our size. But for things much smaller they're terrifying killing machines.

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Cactus Boss..how did mantis do as pets? Were you able to lift, hold and cuddle? :)

Don't know if you saw my older threads...a couple ppl were bit by mantis.
One woman I talk to on Flickr said she was attacked by multiple mantis...while she was pregnant!

So, you've seen flower Mantis? I've only seen photos. They're one of the top 10 most beautiful insects.

Don't worry, I have no intention of adding more pets...we have enough..lol.

Asleep, thanks for posting old threads. Brings back memories. lol.
What's funny. When I posted the thread about cases, I assumed a case was an actual 'plastic container,' a container to keep mantis eggs. lol.

BTW, how have you been, Asleep?

Pumpkin.. Cute.
Did they bother you when you walked out the door?
Also, how long did they stay?

Tropic...wherever you live sounds fasciating. Flora, fauna.

Would you happen to know if the gold mantis is the same as flower mantis? (Sorry, don't know The Latin.)

So, your gold is a tad larger than 2-inches? (had to convert.) How large do gold varieties get?
I'll Google both types.

You said you've been watching a gold mantis a couple months now. Do mantis normally stay in the same area?
Is it possible mantis species have different practices?
Some remain, others move on.

Tropic, did you happen to snap a photo?

Do you know which Hierodula species lives in your area? There's quite a few.

Yep, I know what you mean about mantis being killing machines.

I YouTubed praying mantis. Videos were too gross to watch.
I think some people 'enjoy' watching one animal kill another, but that's isn't my thing, even if it's nature's way of survival.

It'd be great if your gold mantis remained gold.

I found these pics on Google. Very intresting.

Flower Mantis..its wings look like eyes. lol

Spiny Flower Mantis


My favorite Flower Mantis


Hope pics open. Toni

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

hopefulauthor, they're pretty friendly but they're pretty jumpy and active and when they get their wings they like to fly a lot and it may surprise you. I've never had any bite me but their claws are pretty shap and they may unintentionally dig into your skin a bit when they crawl on you. Don't make any sudden movements when approaching them or they will get scared and defend themselves. One more REALLY important thing. Mantids molt around 7 times in their lifespan. During this time do not touch it or it may die. Have hanging sticks in a cage for them to molt on and keep the humidity high to avoid a mismolt. When mantids fall when molting it results in death I'd say about 95% of the time and if they don't die they end up severely deformed. I'd go online and look up Chinese Mantid care for more info. Oh and if a mantis suffers a mismolt or is really sick, the best way to put it out of its misery is to stick it in the freezer. I always hate doing it but it's better than having it be in pain.

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Oh I can so clearly!!!!!!

Now how much did you offer to him to clear all those darn ants out of your yard and pot!?

I offered to pay the only survivors a penny an hour out of 10,000 I hatched, and they all took a hike....


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Oh hey...thanks for asking Toni! :)

Been okay I spose.

For a few days I couldn't remember where I'd put a sheffy of mine that started out as a cutting(well,it's still not much more than that)and after a few days I finally found it in a terrarium so there's a relief. Sometimes when you can't find a plant hidden behind/under another plant you stop and wonder if maybe that's a clue that you have too many.

Nah! :)

As for the whole "killing machines" thing,when I was a kid,I had one in a big jar with a stick in it for a day or two before letting it go again and I caught flies from the windows and dumped them in there with it and just as it had started eating one that it had caught it would drop it like it lost interest the moment another fly was within reach. Amazing creatures to watch up close...a lot of personality for an insect to say the least.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yes I see it. CONGRATS!!!!!!

I have not seen a Mantis since I was a kid and that was a long, long, time ago. LOL

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marquest(z5 PA)


I have not seen a Mantis since I was a kid and that was a long, long, time ago. LOL

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Now who couldn't love a face like that? (Well, apart from about 10,000 species of small insects, LOL.)

This is the Hierodula species I get at home, but haven't found the species name for it. I think this female was blown out of her tree. After the paparazzi (me) had finished with her I put her back up the tree.

I found another of the "golden" ones on the ground the other day, where I'd been trimming branches off a tree. Must have cut off its branch, so put it back up. The one I keep watching stays with the same small tree which is a very deep green. At night it sometimes moves onto a nearby Canna lily clump but by day is always back to the tree. I've tried to feed it but it refuses to accept charity from humans. Guess humans aren't the only ones who can be stubborn and proud.

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Morning, well, almost p.m. Where does the time go?

Cactus Boss..Wow, you know a lot about mantis. Did you learn from personal experience?

Although keeping mantis as a pet sounds interesting, there are a few problems.

I heard/read mantis eat birds. I have Cockatiels, so wouldn't want to take a chance. You know?

Second, what do mantis eat during winter months? I don't want to start buying crickets again.
Our son has an Iguana..he also 'had' a baby Bearded Dragon. The dragon ate crickets. To be honest, I can't watch an insect/animal eat another..although it's nature and natural.

Last, although we have pets, an inner part of me believes they should live outdoors...freedom.
Especially birds..I'm certain they'd love flying around Australia amongst other parrots.

Of course, my birds never saw Australia, since they were born in our house, from eggs. lol. Stil.....

The day I spotted my baby Mantis, I was digging weeds. Moving.
Would you happen to know if mantis act/stand a certain way when they feel threatened?
Perhaps, 'like other creatures,' they have a 6th sense, aware someone isn't out to harm them??? :)

I didn't know mantis were so sensitive. Death from a fall or touch when molting. How sad!

Hey Mike!!! Wow, so many mantis. But, you never know...10,000 babies! lol. I'd bet many are in hiding.
They will probably stay in an area where edibles are avaiable.
I imagine small mantis eat tiny insects, larger as they grow.
Mantis hide. They seem to match the color of wood and/or leaves.
Wonder how fast mantis grow?
Since their life span is 7-9 months, they must grow fairly quick. Wonder where they lay eggs???

Last wk, while weeding the back yard, out came a chipmunk. lol. I was so surprised. I'm not afraid of chipmunks, 'like spiders, lol,' but it frightened me at first because I didn't know what jumped out of the weeds. lol.
Same thing happened with a bunny-wabbit the last few weeks. Bugs has been hanging around the bird feeders.

Asleep. Yep, I know what you mean about losing plants. lol. Sometimes, when a plant is mentioned, I have to search in and out to see if I have 'x' plant, and where it's located. lol.
Yes, that's when you know you have toooooo many plants.

Glad you found it, though. :)

Hey, maybe mantis are like cats..attacking prey that are alive. Your mantis was probably bored with the half-eaten, 'gross' fly, deeming the flying, fly sport.

As for biting, I'd rather lift a mantis, or ladybug, 'which are also known to bite,' than a spider, ANYTIME.

Asleep, you don't sound very positive about your health. Hope you're okay.

Hey Marquest...Wanna see mantis...get a couple egg cases. :)

After seeing Tropic's mantis, you must admit they're amazing. And, if you're like me regarding spiders, you won't need Raid to rid those creatures.
Wish they ate ants though. :(

How many people here saw mantis in the past? Amazing. Don't think I'd ever seen a mantis from childhood to adult.
The most unusual insects I recall... one that resembled a stick, and another that resembed a leaf. lol
Both insects had, I believe, two legs.

Oh Tropic!! Your Golden Mantis is BEAUTIFUL! I love the little gal/guy. I would like to hold him/her, too. Wub his head.

Sounds like your area is mantis-packed. You're so lucky.
That Golden is amazing. Wonder if he/she has hidden eggs.

Amazing the green mantis allowed you to pick her up, to set in safety.
She seems so fragile..surely not a killing machine. lol.

Do you think the two that fell are w/o wings?

Do Mantis move around at night? You said one visits your Canna at night, but by morning, is back on its tree.
Wonder what attracts mantis to your Canna??

Tropic, like I said earlier you're in an area with the most exciting wildlife/plants. Toni

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

hopefulauthor, I honestly learned most from other peoples experiences on a Mantid forum. And about the birds, just hold your mantids in a separate room (with a closing door). and unfortunately you will have to buy crickets.

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My health is okay Toni,but thanks much for being concerned! You're too kind! :)

Pretty sure your birds would be safe. It's only hummers that occasionally get nabbed,and only then because they are the world's smallest birds.

In the wild,cockatiels eat insects in addition to the seeds,grasses,leaves,etc that make up it's regular diet,so the reality is that the mantis could be in danger from the birds!

....Just so ya know! ;)

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Toni, the golden mantid is still immature/sub adult. Over the past 2 months is doesn't seem to have grown and hasn't moulted into its adult form. Perhaps because it's mid winter it's biding its time waiting. During the day it stays mostly in the same place which makes it difficult to spot. At night when I check it out it seems to be on the prowl. That's what makes me think it's a night hunter. Never seen it with anything but at night a few times I've seen it cleaning its "arms". Maybe licking off the last bits of something it's eaten.

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Either my computer is messed up or GW is having problems.
I opened this thread a few mins ago. I wanted dh to see Tropic's gold Mantis. The pic didn't show. I thought I was losing it. lol.

Also, I replied to Cactus Boss and Asleep last night before shutting down. My thread is gone! WTH?

Cactus Boss, does GW have a Mantid forum?
Nope, no crickets..no live food. :)

Asleep, we have doors, of course, but the rooms are so small we leave them open.

Actually, although mantis are beautiful and might make good pets, they're better off outdoors. Just my opinion.

Cockatiels. Poor 'tiels are in danger outdoors, too..farmers in Australia shoot them so the birds stay out of their seed. Which is understandable.

So, if they don't get shot, they know what to eat to survive. God protects the innocents.

Think I mentioned watching mantis vids on Youtube. Some were gross..a poor mantis being attacked by a cat, while 'humans!' taped. I felt so bad for that mantis. I'd like to beat the FXXX out of the ppl who shot the video.

BTW, Asleep, I'm a non-violent person. lol.

Tropic, that's right, it's winter in your location. What month does summer begin?

To be honest, before starting this thread, I had no idea mantis molted. I've learned a lot about mantis since getting the egg cases.
'including, egg 'case' ID.

When they molt, do they shed like a snake or bird? Or neither?

Wonder where your gold mantis family is staying??
I should do more research.
For instance, after mom lay the egg cases does she take off, leave the eggs/babies to fend for themselves? And where is dad? Does he skip town? lol

I wonder if your gold mantis sees you prowling around at night while he/she is prowling. lol, and what he/she thinks. If they think.
Wonder if they think, 'as we know/use the thought process,' or eat/drink/mate through sense.

I hope gold mantis stays in your yard..perhaps you can take photos as he/she matures. If it's not too much trouble.

Cleaning its arms..At least mantis sense hygiene is important.

Tropic, you live in a beautiful area. I truly envy you.
On the other hand, for all the beauty around you, I imagine insects/spiders are 5-times larger. :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Toni, all arthropods must shed their entire exoskeletons after their new, larger ones have finished forming underneath. It is molted in one fell swoop. Reptiles, on the other hand, shed their older skin, sometimes in shreds. We warm blooded animals shed our skin one cell at a time....all the time.

So, insects (the largest group of arthropods) must go through a rather complicated molting process in order to fully develop and grow. Molting stops only once the insect reaches sexual maturity.

Grooming is essential to insects. That exoskeleton must not be scratched or cut or an insect can die. That's why DE works as an insecticide.

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Toni, summer starts 1st of December, wet season starts 1st October.

The insects have their skeleton (exoskeleton) on the outside and it doesn't grow. So as they grow the old exoskeleton splits open, they crawl out, expand and then a new exoskeleton forms around them. That's the process in simple terms. Before their new exoskeleton forms they're very vulnerable to attack or damage.

I check the golden one out quite often. Would help in scaring away any potential predator. At night I use a light. I can just imagine it thinking, "Here we go again! Shouldn't he be at work or something, doing something useful?"

I've only seen one other golden one at my place, it was sub adult as well. After mating sometimes the female eats the male, so dad can be quite helpful in developing the eggs. Once the eggs are laid (in an ootheca) mum wanders off and the eggs/hatchlings have to fend for themselves.

Cockatiels aren't too bad off here, it's the larger cockatoos which like to get into the newly sown grain that are the targets for some farmers. It's illegal but out in remote areas things happen without anyone else seeing.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Tropic, the molting process is hormone driven. Molting arthropods MUST form a new (albiet soft) exoskeleton before the old one is molted. If not, what would keep all the 'innards' from scattering into the garden or outer space, lol?

The very complicated physiological process begins long before that outer shell is shed. By that time, the new exoskeleton is fully formed and only needs to be pumped full of air in order to hyperexpand it, allowing for future growth of the arthropod. Insects and others cannot live without a fully formed outer skin. Once expanded, the new skin only takes a very short time to harden.

I keep emphasizing that this is a process common to arthropods, not only insects, because I keep thinking of soft-shell crabs! Lol. Anyone who has enjoyed that delicacy knows that the outer shell (exoskeleton) of the blue crab is shed at a certain time of year. Their already formed, but very soft new shells are entirely edible, but only for a short period of time. A grilled or fried soft-shell crab is unbelievably wonderful. :-)

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Rhizo, I know, as I said, I was keeping it very basic.

I was out again last night with torch and cameras (do that most nights) and found this mature male Hierodula (the one on my hand in the photo above was a female). Measured it at 85 mm (google conversion = 3.34645669 inches). The female was a bit bigger. The golden one I measured again but still 65 millimetres (google conversion = 2.55905512 inches). It hasn't grown in the past couple of months, but still seems happy enough (apart from having this human keep sticking its nose into the bushes). Maybe it's a Peter Pan Mantis.

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I just saw a mantis today while mowing my grandma's "grass". It wasn't very big only about 1 1/2 inches long. It appeared to be the same color as the half dead grass that it was near. I wanted to touch it but when I got my finger close,I moved it in circles and the mantis started following my finger around with its head like it thought it was prey. I bet if I got my finger within range it would have attacked.

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