lindseymeredithJuly 18, 2013

Hello! :)

My university gifted their graduates potted ivy and I had high hopes of keeping mine forever! However, I've only had it for a couple of months and I unfortunately left the soil dry for too long. I went on vacation and when I returned it was mostly dried and dead and what is left is severely wilted. :( Did I kill it? I really would like to save it, but the advice I've found online is all over the place. Some say water it, others say don't! Some say put it outside, others say leave it indoors! I am terribly confused.

And on top of all of my confusion, I don't even know what type of ivy plant it is! Therefore, I've attached a photo. As you can see the leaves are now spotted brown, with some wilted and others shriveled, while the roots have lost their green color. They are now brownish beige and look more twig-like than greenery. :/ I'm so sad!!

If you think you can help me save it, I would love to hear from you!

Thank so much. :)


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water it asap, put it back in whatever light it has been in. cross fingers.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Im willing to bet it has spider mites, Im sorry to say Hedera helix is extremely prone to them inside. It may not live that much longer, but keep fingers crossed

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Is there anything I can do to kill the spider mites?!

Also, how much water? I'm afraid I'm going to drown it. :(

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

It looks really dry so soak it by taking it to the sink. Also use a dish soap and water solution and spray the leaves with it ti kill the spider mites. Also house plants love to be misted in the mornings daily. If its hot and humid in the summer, take it outside in the shade but keep it hydrated. My house plants love being outdoors in the summer time. Good luck with it. It's definitely still worth saving.

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Ivy are notorious spider mite magnets. The SMs like a dry environment. Keep the plant watered properly and mist to discourage the little buggers. Humidity should help a lot.

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Afternoon All, first glance, I thought your plant was a very rare, caudex Jatropha succulent. lol.

Although it's true ivy are mite magnets, imo, they're more susceptible during winter months..
I don't see mites on your ivy leaves..foliage looks dehydrated from lack of water.

I don't know what the brown ball is. Potting source?
Fill sink with a few inches of water..add 2 drops of dish soap. Soak ivy until top of soil is saturated.
Allow to dry, then place in indirect-brightly-lighted area. Fresh air helps a lot.
Ivy prefers cool temps to hot.
Better, if you can summer your ivy outdoors, starting in a shady spot.

After acclimation, ivy shoud not be placed in direct sun. Outdoors, shade to medium/bright light.

Your ivy is a Hedera species. Google Hedera Helix for more information.

Remove dead leaves. Toni

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