Recycling water

BronwynHJuly 22, 2013

I really hate the idea of wasting water. One of the ways I try to 'recycle' water is in the morning/evening when freshening my dog's water bowl I use the leftover water from my dog's dish when to water the herbs and vegetables I grow on my balcony (if they need watering at the time). [** before I get any concerned messages about the level of care for my dog, I do replace his water more often that twice a day, I just don't water my plants in the middle of the day as I don't want them to scorch in full sun]

But I do have another source of 'recyclable' water, and here's where my question comes in. I have a 55 gallon tank where I keep goldfish. I do a 25% water change once every 1-2 weeks depending on the water quality. This water normally just gets dumped in the toilet. I wonder if I could use it to water my plants?

Today I plan a water change, so I tested the water first. I realize these tests are designed for fish needs, not plant needs, but maybe some numbers will be useful.

- pH 7.8
- GH (general hardness; Ca and Mg salts) 120mg/L
- KH (carbonate hardness) less than 10 mg/L CaCO2
- NH3/NH4 (ammonia) 0.6mg/L
- NO2 (nitrite) less than 0.1 mg/L

Given that different plants have different requirements I may as well list off what I have:
- tomatoes
- cucumber
- a large pot with basil and oregano
- geranium
- dipladenia
- spider plant (1 variegated, 1 non)
- english ivy (variegated)
- wandering jew
- peperomia
- prayer plant
- rubber plant

I realize that this is a rather odd question and I'll be lucky if anyone has an answer, but I appreciate anyone who's read this far. Thanks!

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Plants dote on aquarium water. A truely organic fertilizer.

Other sources are from the humidifer, washing machine, and some say dish washer. Although, I never used dish water, water.

No plant question is fact, your topic is educational. Toni

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Thanks so much Toni. I shall now occasionally water with aquarium water (as/when I do a water change).

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any other ways to do this? now that my soil mixes are getting better and better draining, i have been wanting a use for the water that drains straight out. i dont want to use the water on other plants because i realize part of the watering is flushing out "bad stuff" i have been putting it in two large trays indoors that i use as humidity trays and catch alls for my racks inside.

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You're welcome.

We had a 135-gallon tank. My dh would syphon water from the tank, while I watered plants.


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