Please tell me what this is-- :)

Lamora(4)July 19, 2012

Hi all.. I feel so stupid right now.. I know this is a Bromeliad.. but what is the common name for it? I lost the tag and didnt write it down right away, now i am not remembering what it is.. Can someone please be kind enough to tell me her name? I normally write it down, I just didnt this time..


Marjie :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Don't know its common name, I think botanically, it MAY be called Achmea (or Guzmania). Sorry, I don't know much about its care.


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Guzmania - Empire by the look of it.

Keep fairly dry - unless you're keeping it somewhere incredibly hot, resist the temptation to water into the crown as this makes them rot.

Don't know the one on the right...

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The plant on the right is Hoya carnosa.

Marj, your plant is a Bromeliad in the Bromeliaceae family. Your Bromiliad is Aechmea. Pronounced Ouk me uh, accent on the first syllable. lol.

Remember the plant your sweetie gave you some time back? The plant offshoots grow, and mom fades away?
This Bromiliad is similiar in care. It can last forever.

Very pretty. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Toni,

Perhaps you missed the comment just above yours which IDed this as a Guzmania empire, which photos match this plant.

On searching for Aechmea the search result pix don't match this at all.

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Karen, thank you.. no, I didn't see SJ's comment.

Marj, in spite of my ID error, care is the same. Toni

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Thanks all.
pirate-- i think your right about the name of it, :) I looked at both and Guzmania looks like it.

Stewart-- i didnt know about watering in the crown- I think that is where i have been watering. In the funnles of the leaves... is that the same thing? I thought that is were you were supposed to water these. If not-- please tell me now!!

toni- the one my sweetie gave me,, well the mom is dying real slow, about half is dead now. When should I cut her out? The pups dont seem to be developing into plants-- just leaves.. is it supposed to do that? then develope later on? Has me bugged not knowing what it is supposed to do. I can find care on it and what not, just now HOW it develops or the time frame.. like i said, has me bugged.

But thank you all for the proper name-- very helpful indeed.
Marjie :)

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Marj, is the flower gone?

Pups should be removed when they're one-third or one-half the size as mom.

Your first Brom is a lot more complex than other types.
Guzmania pups are a easier to deal with.

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