Wandering Jew from bad to worse

Lamora(4)July 21, 2014

Hi! I know i havent been on in a long while. My fault intirely.. but I do have a problem (I hope this is the right forum to ask) with my now, just a few vines, of my wandering jew.. not doing well at all. It fell off the hook a while back, DH tried to save it, but it kept getting sicker and sicker. So I finally put it in fresh soil, new pot, cut off all the dead vines, started new ones, but it is not looking well at all. The roots i kept, put them in different soil too-- just to see what would happen.

I know it has been only a few days since I did this, but the vines are browning and dying.. I am at a loss. I keep them in the house where it is cooler, (not much but some) and i am keeping the soil moist. But it isn't helping... what can i do for it?

Anything sugested would be helpful at this point.. I am so sick over this.. just don't know what to do...

I also have a hoya that isn't doing too well either, but that is in the hoya forum..

any help out there??
Marjie-- at her witts end...

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Wandering jew root readily in water. Mine was in water for 4 months before i put it in a pot. After potting up, it took off immediately, no adjustment period. Amazing.

I neglect mine. It looks this beautiful all on its own. I just dump water in there a few times a month. I put my foot in there for size reference.

Try rooting in water? Put it outside in a shaded spot if possible. Wandering jew really likes to get morning sun. Mine has eastern exposure with an overhang.

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this is my poor baby.. I love yours! maybe i should water root them first? I just thought they would do well just soiling them..

this is what it was before the hook broke-- my dh still feels sick about it-- keeps saying it is his fault.. keep telling him it isn't.. but this is so sad..

do you think i should try to water root it? wouldn't be too hard to do that right now..

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It ISN'T dead till it IS dead-- right? /heavy sigh

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi! Sorry about your plant. I would take the good looking parts off. The removed parts should take root easily in water or soil. I have no issues with rotting when doing it in soil, but sometimes do in water. If you let your cuttings callous (dry) before putting in water or soil, the risk of rotting is greatly decreased. These really do best in pots if they don't stay too moist, succulents rot easily even if this one likes a moist spot in a natural setting.

That kind of macrame holder is very attractive, but not being able to easily remove them to water plants at a sink prevents me from having any. I would have standing water in that attached drip tray for sure.

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Thanks, I think I will put the good ones in water for a bit, cut it down some. And yes, putting it in the pot hanger was kinda hard to do, maybe I will just try to keep it compact and not trailing for a while.. but first I want to get it growing again. Get it healthy. Wish me luck? ;)

Marjie-- still hopeful...

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Looks like yours would appreciate more light :-) If you root cuttings (and I definitely would- I do it every year to start a new plant when mine gets leggy) give it at least a few days or until it puts out new growth before you put it in sun. But your leaves will be bigger and more brightly colored, and the plant will be more compact, if you allow it some morning sun. They do very well in an east window.

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Also, keep the cuttings small- not much bigger than 6 inches. It doesnt need a growing tip, so you can take a longer cutting and cut it in half, and root both of them. Wandering jew looks best if you put a lot of cuttings in one pot.

Since there isnt much left of yours, you are going to want to use a MUCH smaller pot. When the pot is too big, it is hard for the plant to thrive.

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Thanks for all the advice. I did cut them up, they are about 4-6 inches long now, sitting in water and perlite for a few days and then I will pot them in soil. Much smaller pot too. I decided to think of it as a starter deal.

Morning sun? I can do that. They got some evening sun tonight, just for an hour or so before it went down.

And I will keep it compact and not so long. I would love the larger leaves too.

You all have given me some hope on this.. Thank you.. :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Definitely far from hopeless! Good luck, Marjie!
- Tiffany

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WOW!! it hasn't even been a week yet and it already looks sooooo much better!! Nothing has died or fallen off since I put it in the perlite and water! In full morning sun now, color is back like it should be, leaves are firm and strong now.. I honestly thought that the sun would have killed it, I am so glad I was wrong in this case...

Thanks again for all the advice. I am going to keep it compact and not so trailing this time, but it so looks better now!! Happy Camper now! :)

Now all I need is some sound advice for my rope hoya, it isn't doing well since I repotted it, I posted it on the hoya forum, getting very little replies... can someone here help me with that? (just head to the hoya forum) I really don't want to lose that one, one of my favorite plants. I don't know what to do for him..

But thanks again for the Wandering Jew advice, has a ways to grow yet, but she will get there! :)

Marjie-- starting over-- again...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Thanks for the update, glad it's good news! Creeping type plants really thrive when started over periodically it seems. Makes sense since that creeping is designed to quickly find new places to take root, which doesn't ever happen to pieces dangling over the edge of a pot. Within a couple weeks, pots sat on the ground can make surprising root systems on pieces flowing out onto the ground. I'm having a lot of that this summer because this yard doesn't have the porches or as many spots to hang plants (moved at the end of April.) That will eventually change, but there's a lot of plants sitting on the ground this year.

Good luck with your rope, never had one of those.
- T

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i think your baby might need a little vitamin d..seriously, it id false to believe that they are "shaddy plants" or inside/house plants only.. although they usually do thrive just about anywhere, mine are in mostly sun all day and are huge! if you have a little porch or even a window where you can put them in the sun for atleast a few hours a day, it might help remedy your problem. also, they are so right about rooting the plant and maybe starting over with it. at every notch or nodule, on these plants and many more, it will produce it's own rooting system if put in water. i wouldn't cut every single stem at each nodule so you have 50 scraggly sticks with one leaf on each, im just saying how easy it is to get a full plant back again, and you should be able to easily double each individual stem, that way you'll have 1 stem with the original top leaves that can be rerooted, and then the other half can be rooted as well, you'd be doubling your plant and starting again.
sooo, that's would be my suggestion at this point.if you will just put them in water, they will start rooting in a few days. you can honestly leave them in the water for a long time, the roots will eventually just outgrow whatever they're in.. be careful not to soak the whole stem. you only really want about 1/2 inch to an inch in the water, they can get soggle and moldy, but it is very rare. i have never had that happen. i have 5 small cups in my room right now rooting.. just to keep mine reproducing all the time. i love love these plants. i've become fixed on them again this year...
good luck and i think you'll have good results. :)
happy gardening.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi Alwaysgarden, welcome to GW! Sounds like you have as much fun 'playing' with this plant as I do. Looks fantastic!

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