Mini Cherry Tree

CherryTeenGirlJuly 25, 2014

Hello everyone,

I am to growing a mini/small cherry tree. If I keep my cherry plant in a small amount of soil, then will it stay small or die? I give it external nutrition, so the soil will never run out of it.

Hoping the plants growth will be stunted due to no more room to grow. I had a tomato plant that did this until I watered it too much, roots rotted, and fruit flies ate it.

Never again will I water a plant no more than a little bit.

Thank you,

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MsGreenFinger GW(8 Ireland)

I think you want to turn your cherry tree into a bonsai, right? I am no expert so can't say if that's possible or not. But the tree won't get stunted only because of little room in a pot.
Also you have to repot/change soil even if you want a bonsai.
Well, tomato is not a perennial so you can't really compare it to a tree.
There are people who know a lot of trees in containers and bonsai, I'm sure they will come with some good advice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bonsai forum

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