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abigail1280(8)July 28, 2010

I have a variegated spider plant. I used to have it outside on my screened in porch. It was receiving some afternoon sun, and seemed to be doing pretty well. It had grown quite a bit and seemed happy. It's very humid here, even at night, and most days are in the 90s. Last weekend, I moved it into the house because we decided to power wash the porch, do some water proofing and some other painting. This is kind of a slow process because my husband and I both work two jobs, but when we're finished, I plan to move it back outside along with my other 3 spiders. But today I noticed that it's starting to get some gray spots on the leaves which weren't there before. It's not getting as much light as it was before ... it's sitting in front of the sliding glass door at the moment. I bought it 2 months ago, and it's doubled in size since then. Neither of my other 2 spiders are having this problem.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Maybe over-watering. Water use would be fractionalized moving it from out to in. If you were in the habit of watering every ______ (pick an interval) and loosely carried on with that habit with the plant indoors ......

The other issue could be high fertility/soluble salts, but I doubt that's it because that usually manifests in necrotic leaf tips & margins.


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