Do you sell?

houseplantlover(ontario/canada)July 28, 2010

I have so many house plants and I love to make new ones all the time. I few years ago I started to sell them at a chip truck. I dont sell them for much. It depends on the pot size. So they start at $1.00 and go from there. Of cource I give tonz away to friends as well, so my question is does anybody else do this, and how much do you charge and do you make much money at it? I cant say I make much but enough to buy more soil and sometimes a new plant.

Thanks stacey

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Nope I don't. But you should charge at least what it costs you. My mom always said for crafts etc to charge double what it costs you to make it.
Also if you are propagating a plant that has a patent by a grower I believe that is illegal in the U.S. Normally this is stated on the plant tag when purchasing.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

African Violets are a good example of what Blue refers to above. The producer of AVs named Optimara does have them patented, so to sell their product (for profit) is illegal & is considered to be infringing on their patent.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's not just illegal to sell for profit, but to propagate them period, unless you have purchased a trademark and/or a patent agreement. Those who take cuttings or divide their own plants here and there (probably) don't need to fear the patent police, but anyone giving or selling numbers of such plants should be aware of such laws.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I also meant to say that a plant patent is different from a name trademark, so it would be worthwhile to see how the laws work in your country.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I don't sell, but I do barter.
This pepper season, for example, I started plants for a friend in exchange for some of the seeds.
Pepper seeds aren't terribly expensive, but it saved me the time, the trouble, and the shipping.

Something else that I noticed...frequently, people will approach me online for cuttings of this or
that. And sometimes I'll detect that they plan to propagate and sell the cuttings in a commercial fashion.
I try not to share any cuttings for a profit motive.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I did want to say that I do enjoy sharing my plants too. I sometimes swap &/or share cuttings w/ friends online here.

Also, I belong to my local Indoor Gardening Society, so I share plants w/ them too. One grows on one's cuttings & then offers the resulting plant(s) on a Plant Sale Table for a small price (usually a couple of bucks, depending on size & relative availability of the plant) which proceeds support the Plant Society.

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I dont sell my AV cause my plants sit outside in as much shade as possible but get some sun sometimes. I find they dont do well outside in the heat with the sun on them so there is no worry about patents.

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Well today I sold 3 plants for $7 and made 5 new baby jades that I started lasted year from leaves. No matter how much I sell I just keep making more. I just love this hobby( I really should say addiction).

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paul_(z5 MI)

Yes, I do though not often. Typically the plants I sell are divisions of my orchids. I don't get a lot per plant (typically $8-10) but it does provide me with a little money now and then to spend on new additions.


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I sell at half the price they would at the Huntington Gardens, I give far more away, species do not carry a patent, nor do most X's or hybrids, it is just to expensive and takes a long time to get a patent on a plant and not profitable. I give hundreds of cuttings away to my club members, girl scouts making dishgardens, educatioanl purposes. I even gave some away and paid the postage. It is just more enjoyable for me to share.

Yes, Josh some people want more than their share to sell. The can propagate faster, and have more available. It's okay that way the plant get out there and they have something to talk about on the forums. I also can size up people that way, and decide who gets my books. Norma

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